April 29, 2018

Potomac Falls VA Septic Tank Cleaning

The EPA requires Potomac Falls VA septic tank cleaning at least every one to three years for residences. If the septic tank is located within the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area, Virginia state law requires that it is pumped out and visually inspected every five years. In addition to these requirements, to operate at peak performance and reduce the chance of a sewage spill, every septic system also needs a maintenance and repair schedule.


Advantage Septic Service has performed septic tank cleaning in Potomac Falls VA and other towns and cities for more than three decades. We are locally owned and one of the most recognized business operations in Northern Virginia when it comes to commercial and residential wastewater system maintenance and repair. We craft maintenance and cleaning schedules that meet the specific requirements of each business and homeowner.


A scheduled maintenance plan can save thousands of dollars in repair costs, protect the local environment, and preserve its integrity for long life. A detailed plan includes regular pumping and removal of the wastewater, and inspection of the alarm, ejector pump and float control during a routine cleaning or other servicing.


An emergency alarm cannot catch every septic tank issue, however. A common sign of system trouble is a gurgling or a hiccupping whenever someone flushes a toilet. A strong odor often accompanies it, and as the problem gets worse, building managers and owners start to see raw sewage backing up into the bathrooms, kitchens, and even laundry room washing machines.


This indication usually means there is some type of blockage in the pipe leading to the tank, or a buildup of solid matter inside, at the connection. If not immediately dealt with, it can cause cracks to form at the connection points, and untreated sewage begins to leak into the soil surrounding the tank. Regular cleanings and inspections identify these problems early and prevent them from becoming a much more expensive problem.


Virginia’s population increases each year, and with that comes more commercial and residential property growth. It is why the state requires every real estate inspection include the septic system, certifying it for use. Advantage works closely with everyone involved in the sale to ensure that our systems are fully operational. It is also why we only install the newest sensor technology and emergency warning alarms, so facility managers and homeowners immediately know when they need septic tank cleaning for their Potomac Falls VA business or home.


If you need an experienced company that can provide solutions to your home and business septic systems requirements, call Advantage Septic Service at (703) 392-7070. We can work with you to establish a maintenance and cleaning schedule that meets your specific septic and budget needs.