June 3, 2020

What To Do If Your Airlie VA Septic Tank Collapses?

A septic tank collapse is one of the most severe septic tank problems you can come across. The most dangerous thing about a septic tank collapse is that it can happen suddenly without warnings, leaving you clueless about why it happened.

There can be various reasons for a septic tank collapse. Whatever the reason your septic tank collapses, there is no doubt that it results in a very smelly and sloppy situation in your yard. If you have a collapsed septic tank in your property, there is a severe risk of someone falling into it and getting suffocated to death.

What Causes A Airlie, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

One of the most common and obvious causes of a septic tank collapse is its age. For example, if you have a very old septic system in your property, it should be inspected by professionals regularly so that you can rule out any chances of its collapse. Also, keep in mind that a septic tank that is emptied of water recently is much more prone to collapse.

This is because the pressure of the soil surrounding it is no longer balanced by the water inside. Not only that, if the septic tank was left empty for a long time, there is also a chance of high hydrostatic pressure to build in the surrounding ground leading to a possible septic tank collapse. This also applies to septic tanks that are disconnected and situated in abandoned and unsupervised land.

Yet another cause of sudden septic tank collapse is uneven wastewater distribution inside the tank. A properly designed septic system always ensures that the wastewater flows and gets absorbed along the tank’s length evenly. If your septic tank fails to do this, that means a specific area of the system is forced to absorb more water than it can handle.

This will eventually make that area more prone to collapse. If you are still wondering what causes a Airlie, VA septic tank to collapse, here is one more reason. If you drive heavy vehicles or equipment over the surrounding area of your septic tank system, you invite trouble. Not only that, but the waste products inside the septic tank usually carry bacteria and harmful germs that let out dangerous methane gas, inhaling of which can prove to be toxic to you and your family members.

You can call Advantage Septic Service for any septic tank issues you are facing. We assure prompt, friendly, and professional service. Besides, we also make it a point to answer all the queries our clients may be having regarding their septic system maintenance. A septic tank collapse should always be treated as an emergency, and you should call us for help as soon as possible.