August 4, 2020

What Happens When My Ashburn VA Septic Tank Is Full?

You may have newly installed a septic tank in your Ashburn, VA home, and you might not be uncertain about some aspects that concern the tank’s operation. After installing a septic tank, most people may grapple with several questions such as: what happens when my Ashburn VA septic tank is full? You will learn more in our article below.

If you desire to continue realizing your septic tank’s benefits and value, you must maintain it appropriately. Can you imagine how it could be when you live in a home that smells sewage, and whenever you flush the toilet, it keeps backing up? You will only be risking your family’s health.
You should let the experts inspect your tank regularly, at least within three years. You will also have to pump out the septic system every three to five years, based on your household’s usage frequency.

What Happens When My Ashburn VA Septic Tank Is Full?

If you want to detect if your septic tank may be full and whether you need to call in the experts at Advantage Septic Service, you can look out for any of these signs:

Standing water pools
Pools of water may be evident around the septic tank or drain field, which is an indication that the tank may be full and starting to seep out

Unpleasant odors
The septic system may produce some unpleasant smells; the more the system fills up, the more gas it emanates. The gas will usually escape via your drains, toilet, and drain field, among other channels that rely on the septic system.

Green spots around your lawn
It may have been a dry season, and you might not have been watering the lawn; despite the grass probably drying up, there can still be spots that might appear to be distinctively lush. Check out for some waste liquid that may continue to sustain your lawn.

Occasional Pumping out of Your Septic Tank is Important

The periodic pumping out of your septic tank is vital; it will help maintain it in proper working condition. You could also avoid the extra time, and cost usually spent repairing and replacing the different septic system components. You’ll also avoid dealing with possibly unpleasant smells that might disrupt the comfort around your home whenever the tank fills up. Furthermore, you will not have to struggle with critical concerns of raw sewage discharge.

What You Should Expect after the Pumping out of Your Septic Tank

There are numerous benefits to pumping out your septic tank. You get to eliminate the foul smell that may result from the gases escaping from the system. Since the experts will also handle any blockages detected on the sewer lines or drains, you get to stay off the horrible raw sewer discharge. You can, therefore, enjoy the initial fast-draining showers and get rid of the toilet backups.

As soon as the wastewater experts visit your property for an inspection, they will measure the levels of scum and sludge, after which they will recommend whether you may need a pump out. They will also conduct an assessment to discover any possible damage to the various components.

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