September 22, 2020

Bealeton VA Grease Trap Cleaning

You might be worried and confused about where the constant unpleasant odors around your kitchen may be generating from. Perhaps you might not know that some of your kitchen appliances, like the grease trap, require continuous cleaning and maintenance to uphold its proper functioning. You may have to engage professionals like Advantage Septic Service for a Bealeton VA grease trap cleaning.

You may now understand that your worry concerns the grease interceptor, and might, therefore, ask yourself where this gadget could locate. Commercial grease traps are usually placed outside of the main structure. Adjacent to your kitchen walls and close to your dishwashing station, they appear similar to a septic tank cover or manhole. In case your commercial kitchen involves a basement, you may also discover your grease trap beneath to keep it away from frostiness.

A Faulty Grease Trap Needs Immediate Fixing

Keep in mind that a faulty grease trap can cause foul odors, clogging of drainages, and also result in expensive repairs, which could be avoided through regular maintenance or immediate fixing of the malfunctioning grease trap.

If you want to reduce the costs, consequences, and usage hazards upon your sewer system, you need to follow a regular grease trap maintenance schedule with professionals.

Conducting Bealeton VA Grease Trap Cleaning

EPA recommends that for safety and health reasons, a grease trap should be cleaned when its total volume reaches 25% in grease and solids.

Whenever you engage the experts for grease trap cleaning in your Bealeton VA, property, the following steps may be involved:

1. Removal of the grease trap lip

Needs to be removed gently to avoid damaging any of the lid gaskets

2. Sticking of a ruler into the system to check for the grease inches inside the trap

Should be recorded in a FOG report offered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

3. Water removal from the grease trap using a small pump

The eliminated water is set aside.

4. Scooping out grease from the trap using a shovel or heavy-duty scooper

5. Scraping off the top, sides, and bottom to eliminate any excessive grease

This process helps prevent the rapid debris buildup that may hang around without being removed.

6. Scrubbing of the trap parts and flushing out the screens

7. Pouring of water that was eliminated from the grease trap and set aside

8. Properly re-installing any detached parts and replacing the lid.

Talk to us and Benefit from Excellent Grease Trap Servicing.

Perhaps you’ve had unbearable incidences with grease traps, and you might wonder if you can ever attain a regular uninterrupted drainage flow. The positive feedback is that; yes, you can! Advantage Septic Service is readily available to safely, timely, and effectively conduct the grease removal process for you.

For the over 20 years of serving residents and clients faithfully, we’ve experienced tremendous success, providing our clients top-notch grease trap cleaning to their satisfaction.

Do not stay back; call Advantage Septic Service now and begin enjoying the benefits of excellent kitchen servicing.