April 14, 2021

What Is a Warrenton VA Septic Tank Alarm?

Have you heard or installed one ever? Do you know what a septic tank alarm is? Let us tell you that these alarms are an indispensable part of the septic system if you don’t. A septic tank alarm’s main function is to send warnings to the owners at the right time for pumping out their septic tanks. However, many homeowners in Warrenton, VA, do not know why their septic tank alarm is ringing. Let us tell you that there are only some reasons why a septic tank alarm rings. These reasons need to be dealt with on a high priority basis to avoid unexpected emergencies in the future.

One of the main reasons your septic tank alarm is triggered is leaks into or from the tank. Another possible explanation may be heavy rain or a storm, forcing their way into a septic tank. This is true if the tank’s hatch is left unsecured post the last servicing. Yet another reason could be broken pipes that permit water to seep into the septic tank.

What Is A Warrenton VA Septic Tank Alarm, And How Does It Work?
At Advantage Septic Service, we always take septic system alarm activation seriously. With two decades of experience, we are aware of what triggers a septic tank alarm. Most of the times, an alarm goes off, indicating that it is high time to get the septic system examined and repaired.

So, while installing a septic system, we focus more on the need to call us right away anytime the septic tank alarm goes off. That way, we can undertake corrective measures to prevent a more serious issue like a sewage spill.

This is also one of the major reasons we encourage an annual maintenance routine for all customers with septic tanks. Such timely checks allow us to test the septic tank alarm functionality and flag an issue if we find one. We also make building owners in charge aware of the fact that the worst possible thing is not the sound of the alarm, but the alarm not ringing when it ideally must.

This is because the alarm warns homeowners to take action as soon as they can. This means you may have a sewage backup problem in your home that may cost several dollars to fix if you ignore a septic tank alarm. In other words, an active septic sewer alarm saves time, effort and money by pinpointing your septic tank issues at the right time.

If you have further queries regarding the working of septic tank alarms, get in touch with us. All you need to do is to fill-up the form provided on our website. Our experts will review it and get in touch with you at the earliest.