July 20, 2021

Will A Flooded Fairfax Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

Are you aware that during heavy rains, the ground around your home absorbs a lot of moisture, which helps prevent your home from flooding? This can also cause your septic tank to flood.

The main function of a drain field is to provide an area for the sewage to filter through the soil. This process saturates the ground around the drain field and also above it. However, during heavy rains, the soil becomes heavily drenched, with rainwater instead of wastewater.

If this saturation happens, the sewage will no longer get drained properly through the drain field’s soil and can bring about a serious problem for you. Many people ask will a flooded Fairfax VA septic tank fix itself? Well, read to find out:


What are the signs you have a flooded septic tank?

If the septic tank you have had for more than a year is showing signs of settling, you may have a problem. Settling is a usual occurrence immediately after its installation. But, if it happens long after the installation, in the event of a heavy rain, you might end up with a septic tank, which is flooded.

Soil drenched with rainwater
Damp soil is a sign your drain field is water-logged and cannot filter wastewater, as it should. If you notice moist soil, even days after a rain, this could mean you septic tank is overflowing.

Standing water
Ever notice a small puddle of water forming on top of your septic tank, which will not go away? This is a clear sign of a septic tank that is flooded.

A dirty stink
If the ground round your septic system smells bad, it may be because your septic system is backed up. After a heavy rain, a foul smell indicates, the septic system is not able to filter wastewater effectively anymore.

Sewage backing up in your drains
If sewage is going back once again into the drains of your home, after use, your septic tank is flooded. A septic system that is working properly should have enough space in the tank for wastewater to enter.

Will A Flooded Fairfax Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

You should understand that your septic tank is responsible for draining all the wastewater from your home. A septic tank that is flooded can make sewage back up into your home’s drains and emit a bad smell, which is the cause of a stink, then you have to try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

There is a very slight chance that your septic tank, which is flooded will fix itself. Once the ground around the septic tank and drain field has dried the tank will need to be pumped. We can provide you with an expert worker, who will fix your problem. Please fill up the contact form on our website and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.