August 15, 2021

Will A Flooded Haymarket Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

When heavy rains occur, the soil in your surrounding tends to absorb a lot of this water. The main advantage of this is that it prevents your home from flooding. For houses with installed septic tanks, the drain field will likely do this job and absorb the water. The drain field is a shallow and covered hole made in the soil. Its primary function is to discharge wastewater through piping into the soil. However, during thunderstorms, the soil becomes saturated with excess wastewater. When this occurs, the discharge can no longer drain properly, thus causing your septic tank to flood.

Will a flooded Haymarket VA septic tank fix itself?

The first step to identify are the signs that your septic tank is flooded. Read on to find out more about these signs.

Settling of water: Many users usually notice settling water, right after installing their new tank. This is totally common and expected. However, if you notice this happening after many days too, then this is a signal of a problem. The most likely reason for this is a flooded septic tank.

Damp soil: If you notice the ground around your septic tank still damp from the rain, even though it had stopped pouring; it could mean a flooded septic tank. This is a sign that the drain field is clogged with water and can no longer discharge wastewater effectively.

Pool of water: Ever noticed a pool of water above your septic tank after a heavy rain? Isn’t this pool not disappearing by itself? Well, this is most likely caused due to a flooded septic tank.

Foul smell: A huge telltale sign of an overflowing septic tank is a foul odor, emanating from the ground around it. This happens when the waste water is clogged and cannot be filtered out.

Sewage back up in drain: Are you wondering will a flooded Haymarket VA septic tank fix itself? If the septic tank does not have enough space for wastewater to enter, the sewage in your drains will back up and get clogged. This causes the drain field to malfunction, hence flooding your septic tank.

If you suspect a flooded septic tank, don’t think it will fix by itself. You will have to deal with many stinky problems associated with it. The tank can emit bad smells and cause sewage to re enter your home’s drains. The best thing you can do is call a professional who can take care of it for you. We can provide you with an expert worker, who will fix your problem. Please fill up the contact form on our website and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.