December 24, 2021

Will A Flooded Warrenton Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

If it has been raining heavily, there is a chance that the ground round your home has absorbed a lot of water. This prevents flooding round your home. However, remember that the septic tank installed on your property can also get flooded during heavy rain.

The drain field provides enough place for the sewage to filter across the ground. This process lightly drenches the entire area around and above the whole drain field. When it rains heavily, the soil, which is meant to absorb wastewater, is already drenched with rainwater. If this happens, the septic system can’t perform its function of draining the sewage properly.

Will a flooded Warrenton VA septic tank fix itself?
Before we can answer the above question, it is first essential to understand the signs of a septic tank that is flooded. There are a few telltale signs that you have a septic tank, which is flooded:

The septic tank, which is just installed may cause some settling or sinking of the ground round it. But inspite of being a year old, if the area around your septic system is still sinking means; you have a grave problem.

Damp soil
If you notice the ground still saturated with water, even days after a heavy rain, you have septic tank that is flooded. Moist soil indicates that your drain field is clogged and is not in a position to filter effluent.

Standing water
The formation of a puddle of water round the septic tank which will not dissipate is a signal that the septic system of your tank is flooded.

A bad smell
The occurrence of a foul smell all around the septic tank indicates that the septic system is not functioning properly.

Sewage backing up in your drains
A septic system that is working properly should have enough space in the tank for wastewater to enter. After a flood, the drain field cannot function properly, which means the tank can’t either. Are you thinking will a flooded Warrenton VA septic tank fix itself?

Trust us, septic tank that is flooded is not a thing to be taken lightly. Your septic tank is responsible for draining all the wastewater of your house. A septic tank that is flooded can cause a problem, by allowing the effluent to get back nto your home’s drains and give out a stinky smell.

There is a very rare chance that your septic tank, which is flooded will fix itself. As soon as you realize it has flooded, call a professional to diagnose the problem. We can provide you experts you can help diagnose and fix your problem. All you have to do is; fill up the contact form on our website and somebody will be in touch with you.