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Woodbridge Va Grease Tank Cleaning

As a restaurant owner, you probably live in at least a bit of fear of your grease trap. It exists in the underbelly of your restaurant and under normal circumstances, it’s probably not something you spend a lot of time thinking about.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the trap cleaned out every three months or so, it will make its presence felt in a major way and you’ll find yourself dealing with a backflow of fats, oils, grease and solids in a delightful sludge that backs up into your once-spotless kitchen.

Not only is the smell awful, but it will force you to shut your doors until you can get the mess cleaned up. The good news is that it never has to come to that. Our Woodbridge VA grease tank cleaning service is among the more popular of the services we provide and if you’ve ever tried to clean your grease trap out yourself, you’ll understand why.

To say that it’s a messy, awful job is an understatement. Not only will it eat up the better part of your day, but even if you’re wearing protective clothing, whatever you’ve got on under it is likely to be ruined by the time you’re done. Even the most committed do it yourselfers are usually happy to outsource their Woodbridge VA grease tank cleaning after trying their hand at it once.

Our recommendation is that you have your trap cleaned every three months, but that’s not a hard and fast rule and there are two other factors to bear in mind. First, use the ¼ rule as a general guideline. That’s a shorthand way of saying that when your grease trap is more than one quarter full with FOGS – which is short for Fats, Oil, Grease, and Solids—it’s time for another Woodbridge VA grease tank cleaning.

Second, be sure to be mindful of whatever regulations your city has in place. Typically this will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 days, but it pays to know for sure and abide strictly by whatever schedule those regulations dictate.

If you find yourself having to have your grease trap cleaned out far more often than city regulations dictate, it’s a sure sign that too many solids are finding their way into the trap. The two biggest and best ways of avoiding that are as follows:

1) Be sure your employees are properly scraping plates before washing the dishes. This is a small thing but over the course of a single day, improper scraping can add a significant amount of material to your trap.

2) If you have a garbage disposal, be sure it’s not connected to your grease trap.

In any case, when it’s time to have your trap cleaned, help is just a phone call away. Give our office a call today!

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