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Catlett VA Septic Tank

Septic systems or septic tanks are typical names for the on-site wastewater treatment systems found in many residences. If installed and maintained correctly, Septic systems may effectively treat home wastewater for an extended period.

If you are about to buy a new home with a septic system and are looking for more information about it, here is an ultimate guide to your Catlett, VA, septic tank.

How Does a Septic Tank Function?
A septic tank is a concealed chamber under the soil mostly constructed of concrete, plastic or fiberglass used to decompose and dispose human waste. They’re most often seen in rural locations without access to a sewage system. The first compartment of the septic tank collects the water drained from your home’s bathrooms and kitchen and is where the sewage treatment procedure begins. A layer of oil and grease forms on the top of the container, whereas solids settle down to the bottom. The top layer is called the scum, and the bottom layer is called the sludge.

The liquid waste between the scum and sludge will flow to the second compartment for further settling. Now, the middle layer of water in the second chamber, the effluent, will be sent via an output pipe into the ground, where the soil will absorb it for further treatment.

An ultimate guide to your Catlett, VA, septic tank will never be complete without describing the main parts of a septic system.

The Main Components of a Septic System
1. The outlet pipe: It carries all of your household wastewater to the septic tank.
2. Septic tank: A septic tank is a watertight container buried underground which holds your household wastewater for a while to let solids settle down at its bottom while allowing grease and oil to float to its surface.
3. Drain field: This is the third component of a septic tank system responsible for further treating the wastewater that exits the septic tank.
4. Soil: The wastewater entering the drain field is percolated into the soil, thus completing the treatment. Always remember that you need suitable soil in your drain field for successful wastewater treatment that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses.

A septic tank is ideal if you need a long-term solution to your waste disposal needs and don’t mind the hassle of cleaning them out more often. Before making an offer, you should also find out whether or not the house you’re interested in has a septic tank. This will help you include it in your home inspection to avoid expensive hassles when you move in.

We hope the ultimate guide to your Catlett, VA, septic tank we shared helped you learn more about septic tanks. Fill out the contact form on our website if you have any questions concerning septic tank installation or maintenance. We’ll contact you back as soon as we collect your contact information and provide you with the relevant support you need.

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