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Centreville VA Grease Trap Cleaning

You might be a business owner in Centreville, VA, probably in a catering or kitchen service unit, and you might have lately had some devastating incidences with grease traps. You may no longer sit comfortably in your kitchen due to terrible drainages or filth that could be generating from the grease traps. You might now fear losing your customers since the environment in your business area may prove unwelcoming.

Malfunctioning grease traps can lead to Clogging of drainages, frequent backups, and filthy smells in your surrounding. All these issues may not only cost your health but might also call for costly repairs.

Urgent Centreville VA Grease Trap Cleaning

Due to the devastating experience you might have had, you may now ask yourself questions like:

  • How is poorly-functioning grease traps fixed and maintained?
  • How do I get a cleaning for my kitchen’s grease trap?

If your restaurant drains are clogged or sluggish, the chances are that; your grease trap has accumulated fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

Whenever you experience continued slowed-down drainage, at this point, you need to think about getting a Centreville VA grease trap cleaning.

Hence, the best way you can avoid such issues entirely is by maintaining your grease trap through engaging professionals for:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Fixing the faulty grease trap immediately, you notice some issues

EPA recommends cleaning at 25% liquid depth of grease and solids for safety and health purposes.

Note that the proper maintenance of your grease trap is necessary. Undoubtedly, whenever you ensure that professionals like Advantage Septic Service help you maintain your grease trap appropriately, the mechanism will offer you the long-term service you may need. Significantly, it might help you keep off significant health and sanitation-related issues, especially when officials from the local authority visit for inspection.

Things to Consider for Grease Trap Maintenance

Whenever you engage professionals, like those at Advantage Septic, some of the essential measures that they can inform you, and make sure you follow them to secure the effectiveness of your kitchen’s appliance include:

  • Using dishwaters only when there is a full load
  • Lowering the amount of wastage by turning the taps off whenever they are not in use
  • Setting aside the waste cooking oil for recycling purposes, rather than its disposal
  • Ensuring you scrape off food from utensils before cleaning them

Get in Touch Now to Schedule your Grease Trap Cleaning Appointment

For over 20 years now, Advantage Septic Service continues to provide clients with both the regular and contract services for grease trap cleaning in Northern Virginia.

Whether restaurants, bakeries, catering service units, food service kitchens, businesses, or institutions, whenever you need a thorough grease trap cleaning and maintenance services, Advantage Septic is here for you.

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