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Common Woodbridge, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Woodbridge, VA, common septic tank problems can cause major troubles with your entire plumbing system. Here at Advantage Septic Service, we recommend that you take the best possible care of your tank by getting it pumped regularly. For most homes that’s annually, or every two or three years, depending on how many people use it.

When we come out to pump your tank, our skilled technicians are happy to answer your septic questions. We’ve been serving the local community since 1997 and handle all types of septic system needs, including installation, repair and maintenance.

Not pumping your tank often enough is the biggest problem by far. When the tank is too full, it leads to slow-running drains. It doesn’t matter how many products or tools you use to clean out your pipes if the source of the problem is actually a tank that is over capacity. You need to get it pumped to get the drains to run faster again.

The worst that can happen when you septic tank is too full is a sewer backup. It creates a disgusting, unsanitary mess in your home. It is unsafe for you and your family. Regular pumping is the straightforward solution.

Clogs are a typical headache, and one that can usually be avoided. The five major causes of septic system clogs are:

  • Not pumping your tank in a timely manner
  • Putting sanitary products and paper towels down the toilet
  • Putting grease, fats and oils down the sink
  • Putting fruit and vegetable peelings down the sink
  • Using a garbage disposal


Your tank needs an environment where healthy bacteria can thrive in order to break down the material that goes into it. That means putting just human waste and toilet paper into the toilet. In the kitchen, keep food items and home products out of the drain. Your system simply isn’t equipped to deal with them.

Other common septic tank problems are cracks and leaks in the tank. Don’t drive a car or truck over the drain field. This compacts the soil and puts too much pressure on the tank. It can cause the tank to crack, which results in leaks. Another major problem is planting trees and shrubs above the drain field. Their roots can grow right into the tank, creating cracks.

Every tank will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Arrange to have an Advantage technician inspect your tank when he pumps it out. It makes sense to find cracks early when it is still simple to repair them. It’s far less expensive than replacing a septic tank.

Call Advantage Septic Service today to find out more about common septic tank problems in Woodbridge, VA, and how we can fix them.

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