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Fauquier County VA Septic System

Advantage Septic Service is well aware of how beneficial an ultimate guide to your Fauquier County, VA, septic tank is for our clients. Through this guide, we aim to explain how septic tanks work and the need to do routine maintenance on septic tanks to ensure that waste is removed effectively over the long term.

Functioning of a Septic Tank
To begin with, a pipe transports all of the waste from your house to the septic tank’s first chamber. A layer known as sludge accumulates at the bottom of the tank, mostly comprised of solid waste, while scum forms on the top, primarily consisting of oils, greases, and fats.

The liquid effluent collected between these two layers is then transferred from the first compartment to the second one, where the sedimentation process is repeated. The effluent from the second compartment is sent to the drain field, where it undergoes further treatment by the soil.

Septic tanks in Fauquier County, Virginia, are complicated systems that need regular maintenance in the form of inspections and cleanings to continue operating at their highest level of effectiveness. We want all homeowners to be vigilant about this fact. This is what we want to accomplish with our ultimate guide to your Fauquier County, VA, septic tank.

Important Tips to Maintain Your Septic Tank in Top Condition
• Be aware of the Early Symptoms of the Malfunctioning
A clogged sewer will manifest itself in several ways, including sluggish drains and toilets, a foul stench, and sewage that backs up into the home. The fact that the drain field has green grass also serves as an additional warning indication.
• Get the Most Out of Your Water Resource.
Don’t forget that all residential waste is eventually disposed of in septic tanks. An excessive amount of water may destroy helpful bacteria and throw off the natural balance in the tank. In addition, there is a possibility that the system may overflow if it is required to treat an excessive amount of water.
• Pay Attention to What You Allow into the System
What you put down the drain in the bathroom affects the septic tank in your home. Because of this, you should never throw trash down the toilet. Keep in mind that if you flush anything down the toilet other than human waste, it might potentially cause damage to the septic tank, the groundwater, and the soil.
• Protect Your Septic Tank from Potentially Hazardous Substances
Household cleaning chemicals can eradicate the beneficial bacteria in septic tanks. This covers items that clean drains, toilet bowls, and floors, among other cleaning supplies. So please do not use any chemicals that have the potential to harm your septic system since doing so may result in the system being inoperable.
• Always Carry Out Preventative Maintenance and Inspections.
Regular inspections can help you maintain a septic tank system in good functioning order. We would appreciate it very much if you let us know your opinion of our ultimate guide to your Fauquier County, VA, septic tank.

If you have any inquiries about installing or maintaining septic tanks, please use the contact form on our website. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with the support you need, so please bear with us.

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