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Gainesville VA Grease Tank Pumping

Gainesville, VA commercial property owners should know routine grease tank pumping is important, but not everyone has it done often enough. Advantage Septic Service understands how vital this simple procedure is, and with over two decades of experience, they are more than qualified to empty any commercial grease tank. In an effort to stress how important it is for their Gainesville, VA clients to have grease tank pumping regularly performed they have put together this list of some of their most frequently asked questions.

  1. How often does a grease tank need to be pumped?

Advantage Septic Service will carefully evaluate each client to determine the most effective maintenance schedule. They will take into account the size of the grease tank, along with the amount of usage. Larger, busier establishments in Gainesville, VA will require grease tank pumping more frequently, sometimes every three weeks or less. Advantage Septic Service does recommend that every grease tank be pumped at least once every six months.

  1. What types of Gainesville, VA business require routine grease tank pumping?

If there is a grease tank on the property it needs to be emptied regularly, regardless of the size and type of business. This even applies to the rare grease tank that might be located on a residential property. Some of the businesses that Advantage Septic Service lists among their clients include restaurants, hospitals, hotels, catering facilities, banquet halls and even some factories. Their long list of satisfied clients reassures potential ones that they are contacting the best when they schedule a routine grease tank cleaning with Advantage Septic Service.

  1. What type of problems can develop if Gainesville, VA businesses don’t have grease tank pumping done regularly?

If the grease is allowed to sit for too long it will solidify in the tank and lines. Over time this will cause clogs which can result in overflows. Not only is this expensive to cleanup, it is also damaging to the environment and in some cases can result in costly fines. Once the grease has solidified there is no easy or inexpensive way to remove it, and in some cases the tank might need to be replaced. Simply scheduling routine maintenance with the skilled team at Advantage Septic Service will effectively prevent these and other problems from developing.

  1. Do all grease tanks have FOGS and what are they?

Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are present in all grease tanks and it is important to prevent this waste from entering the property’s septic system. If they are allowed to harden, they can cause clogs in the drain, pipe and lines. If this occurs the entire septic system will need to be cleaned before any repairs can be made. When Gainesville, VA commercial property owners have grease tank pumping done on a regular basis the risk of FOG entering the septic system is dramatically reduced. Advantage Septic Service will also make sure that a FOG removal device is properly installed to prevent any problems, and to ensure that the system is in compliance.

  1. Is it a good idea to use grease interceptor additives?

The experienced team at Advantage Septic Service strongly advises against using any type of grease interceptor additives. These chemical compounds do not effectively remove grease, and are not a replacement for regular tank pumping. Even though it might seem like the additives are providing some relief from a frequent cleaning schedule, the use of them usually results in clogging and damage to the drain field. The cost of the repairs and potential damage to the environment doesn’t make the temporary fix they might provide doesn’t make the use of grease interceptor additives worth the risk.

  1. Why should all Gainesville, VA businesses have grease tank pumping schedule regularly?

Advantage Septic Service has a long list of reasons why all grease tanks should be emptied on a regular basis. Slow running drains, clogs and backups are never good in busy restaurant kitchens, and other problems can include noises in the pipes and foul odors. If the problems are persistent or extremely noticeable, it can also result in a health code violation. The worst case scenario would be the temporary closing of the business, which could have been easily prevented with regular pumping of the grease tank. With all of the advantages associated with regular grease tank maintenance, it only makes sense to let Advantage Septic Service create the right schedule to meet the needs of the system.

  1. How long does it take to have a grease tank pumped?

In most cases emptying and inspecting a commercial grease tank only takes a short amount of time, and won’t interfere with the daily operations of the business. If a problem is discovered Advantage Septic Service will work closely with their clients to find an effective solution that meets everyone’s needs. They understand that businesses can’t close due to a problem with their grease tank, and their flexible scheduling options allow clients to make appointments that work best for them. It is this commitment to their customers that has made Advantage Septic Service one of the most trusted companies in the area.

The cost of the routine maintenance is something that businesses also consider, and Advantage Septic Service is proud to be able to offer their customers competitive pricing. They offer specials and discounts to qualifying clients, and will work closely with customers to create a maintenance plan that fits their budget.

Since the company’s founding in 1991 they have been committed to providing exceptional service that is affordable for everyone. Their dedication to their customers and the environment has earned Advantage Septic Service the trust and loyalty of their satisfied clients.

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