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Gainesville VA Septic System Alarm

A functioning alarm is vital to keeping a septic system functional. In Gainesville VA, septic system alarms link to a float control switch and a sewer ejector pump. When the septic tank fills to a pre-determined level, the alarm sounds, letting the homeowner or building manager know the tank is nearing capacity and needs servicing.


If the tank continues to fill, the float control switch activates the ejector pump. The pump begins to force out the effluent, which is wastewater partially treated by the bacteria in the septic tank. Only enough wastewater is pumped out to prevent further damage to the septic system, and the pump turns off automatically when the float goes down under the pre-determined level.


A functional septic system alarm is important to prevent overfills, but it can also help identify other problems. If your alarm goes off and you just had a tank truck in to remove wastewater, you need to consider these questions.


Is my septic system affected by my water softener?


Yes, especially if your drain line is not connected correctly. All water softener systems installed after 1 September 2003 are to run directly into the tank and bypass the treatment process. How it affects the tank is also determined by the type of salt you use. Potassium salt has less effect on the bacteria in the tank, but it is more corrosive on the pumping mechanism. That can cause the ejector pump to fail when it is needed.


The sodium salt is much safer for the pump, but it kills more bacteria in the tank, slowing or even stopping the treatment process. More solids in the system force the float higher, faster which triggers the septic system alarm more often and requires more removal trips.


Should I add water to my septic system?


Not! It does nothing to increase the number of bacteria in the tank and needlessly raises the water level in the tank. You may have observed water added at installation, but that was to check for leaks and for an inspection by the county authority to approve the installation. After connecting every inlet and outlet pipe and other components, we seal the tank, and there is no need for more water.


It has been a week since my last waste removal, so why do I still have sewage odors in the yard?


Odors should disappear after a day unless wastewater was accidentally spilled during removal. Sewage odors after two or three days mean there is a malfunction in the system. That can mean a problem with the ejector pump, but if the septic system alarm is also going off, then the problem is more likely with the float.

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