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How Often Do You Have To Pump Out Your Fauquier County VA Septic Tank

You will get a lot of functionality out of your septic system, and may enjoy better usage than if you connect to the municipal sewerage system. You get to have full control over its maintenance, and you do not have to worry about waiting time in case the system fails. However, many homeowners are guilty of not taking good care of their septic system until something goes wrong. It is critical that you schedule inspections and the pumping out of your Fauquier County VA Septic Tank.

Understanding a Septic Tank
The wastewater will go into the septic tank and then divide into three layers. The bottom layer consists of sludge that is the heavier solids, which do not biodegrade. The upper layer is the scum that consists of lighter particles. The third layer is the liquid that will flow into the drain field. No matter how careful you are with wastewater generation, the septic tank will eventually fill up. The result is that the anaerobic bacteria are not able to break down the particles as they should. The solids will start getting into the drain field, leading to a septic system failure.

How Often Should You Drain Your Fauquier County Septic Tank?
Keep a close watch on your septic system as a whole. Call in the experts to inspect your septic tank every three years. Depending on the scum and sludge levels, they may recommend that you pump out or drain your tank every five years. The scum and sludge levels must remain below 6 and 12 inches below the outlet pipe. The right contractor will also clean it up for you and replace any parts that may have suffered the normal wear and tear.

What Is The Impact Of Not Pumping Out Your Fauquier County Septic Tank?
Put aside some money for pumping out a septic tank within the timelines the experts recommend. You do not have to spend tons of cash zealously cleaning it up every year if there is no need to. The anaerobic bacteria will take care of the breakdown of some of the particles, thus maintaining a healthy self-cleaning system. If you ignore the guidelines, you will have to deal with expensive repairs and parts replacements.

The symptoms of septic system failure are very unpleasant. You will experience sewage backup, horrible smells, sinks that do not drain, standing pools of water in your yard, among others. The water could also contaminate your soil or well water, thus impacting your health and that of the family.

Call Us Today For a Pump-Out
If you notice any of the signs of a septic system failure or think it is time for an inspection, book an appointment with us. At Advantage Fauquier County VA Septic Tank, we will handle the draining and cleaning for you. You get peace of mind because the septic system will be working as it should.

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