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How Often Do You Have To Pump Out Your Warrenton VA Septic Tank

Think about your septic tank as you would any other part of your house. You need to maintain it well so that you enjoy long-term usage. One of the most crucial processes of maintaining the septic tank is by pumping it out regularly. So comes the question, how often do you need to pump out your Warrenton VA septic tank and why?

Why and How Often Do You Need To Pump Your Septic Tank?
Installing your septic tank is only the first step to enjoying the convenience of having your septic system. You must, however, schedule regular inspections and pump-outs. You must engage the services of an expert to carry out the inspection at least once every five years.

There are, however, certain factors that will have a role to play with regards to how often you drain your septic tank. These include:-

  • How much water you generate within your household. The wastewater comes from washing clothes, showering, and toilet usage, among others. The more the number of people living in your home, the more wastewater you will generate. If you live alone, you can schedule longer intervals between each pump out.
  • The amount of solid waste that goes into the septic tank. You must ensure that you do not flush things such as tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, hairballs, among others down the toilet. Avoid pouring paint or oil down the sink.
  • The size of your septic tank. The smaller your septic tank, the more frequent you will need to schedule in the pump-outs.

What Can You Expect During a Pump Out?
The experts will carry on inspection to determine the scum level in your septic tank. Solid waste sinks to the bottom, while the organic waste stays on top. The bacteria then break down the organic waste, but it needs sufficient space to carry out the process effectively. During the pump out, the experts will remove the solids to create space in your septic tank.

If you do not carry out the process, you will end up straining your septic system, which could irreparably damage it. You may notice signs of system failure such as terrible smells from the septic tank, standing pools of water, or lush spots within your yard. You may also experience back up when you try to flush the toilet. Not only can it make your home unbearable to live in, but it can also be a health risk.

Schedule a Septic Tank Pump out Today
Do not let your septic system fail before you take the right action. At Advantage Warrenton VA Septic Tank pump out, we have the expertise and tools to take care of your septic system. Please book an appointment with us and let our team of experts help you with the maintenance of your septic system.

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