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New Baltimore Va Grease Tank Cleaning

What’s the status of your grease trap? When was the last time you had it emptied? If you can’t recall the date, it’s probably well past time. Worse, it’s not something you can afford to wait to deal with. If you do, you’ll invariably wind up with foul smelling sludge backflowing into your once-spotless kitchen where it will present a genuine health hazard that will shut you down for days until you can get the mess cleaned up.

The good news is, we can help ensure you never have to contend with that. As the top rated septic service company in the area, our New Baltimore VA grease tank cleaning service is wildly popular and often in-demand, and our skilled technicians can tackle any job, even if it’s been a while since you had your trap cleaned.

As a general rule, we recommend having your trap cleaned out and inspected every three months, but there are a couple of other things to bear in mind that may alter that timeline.

For example, it’s worth watching the level of fats, oils, grease and solids in your tank, and when these occupy more than a quarter of the space in the tank, it’s time to have it pumped out again. Second, obviously the city has something to say about this, so you’ll want to keep city regs in mind and have your tank pumped out according to the schedule they dictate in order to remain in compliance.

If you find yourself needing our New Baltimore VA grease tank cleaning services more frequently that that, however, it’s probably an employee training issue that’s resulting in too much fat, oil, grease and solids in your tank. The two biggest contributors on that front are:

  • Having your garbage disposal connected to a line that runs into your grease trap. This will introduce vast amounts of solids into your system very quickly and will virtually guarantee that you need our New Baltimore VA grease tank cleaning services much more frequently than you’d otherwise need to.
  • There’s also the matter of improper plate scraping. If your employees aren’t properly and completely scraping dinner plates to dispose waste food into trash bins before washing, they’ll rapidly fill your grease trap to capacity, and you’ll find yourself needing us on a regular basis.

As much as we enjoy our work, there’s no point in paying for services you don’t need, and if you ensure that your employees are properly scraping before washing and make sure that the food waste from your garbage disposal system isn’t winding up in your trap, you’ll need our services relatively less often. Any time you do need us though, we’re just a phone call away.

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