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Nokesville Grease Tank Cleaning

Are your sinks draining more slowly than they should be? Are you noticing unpleasant odors in your kitchen where there were none before? Sounds like you might be overdue for our Nokesville grease tank cleaning service.

Our recommendation is that you have your tank cleaned out and your system inspected about every three months, but you don’t want to use that as a hard and fast rule. There are a couple of other things to consider.

First and foremost, there are city ordinances to consider. Whatever interval your city’s regulations dictate, that’s what you’ve got to do, whether the tank needs emptying out or not. Second, keep an eye on your tank level. If, at any point, you see that it’s more than a quarter full of fats, oils, grease or solids—FOGS, for short—it’s time to have your tank emptied and our Nokesville grease tank cleaning service is one of the best values in the region.

If you find yourself in the unhappy position of having to have your grease trap emptied far more often than the city’s regs demand, then it’s almost certainly an issue of too many fats, oils, grease and solids entering the trap. Sometimes, this can be caused by a problem somewhere in the system itself, but the overwhelming majority of the time, it’s an issue of employee knowledge and training.

To reduce the frequency you need to call on us for Nokesville grease tank cleaning, make sure your employees are properly scraping dinner plates before washing. A surprising amount of solids wind up in the trap simply due to improper scraping and waste food disposal.

Also make sure that if your kitchen has a garbage disposal unit, it’s not feeding into the grease trap. If it is, all you’re doing is adding more FOGS to the trap for no good reason.

In a related vein, make sure you’re not running hot water through your grease trap. If you are, the presence of that hot water will cause some of the grease in the trap to liquify. When that happens, it will either escape into the city’s sewage system where it will cause no end of problems.

Worse, if you have a septic tank, it will get into your tank and eventually into your drain field where it will ultimately cause your septic system to back up. At that point, you’ve got a major issue that could set you back thousands of dollars.

In any case, whatever problems you’re having, either with your grease trap or your restaurant’s septic system, one phone call to our office and your problem is well on the way to being solved. Give us a call today.

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