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Oakton VA Grease Tank Cleaning

Residential and commercial properties with septic systems In Oakton, VA must have grease tank cleaning performed regularly. Not only will the simple procedure prevent expensive cleanups and repairs, it is also necessary if property owners want to avoid costly fines. This is especially important if the grease tank is located on a commercial property, since failing to have it cleaned can be devastating to the business. Advantage Septic Service knows how important it is for Oakton, VA residents to have grease tank cleaning done, and they also understand that their clients have concerns. This is why they have put together this helpful list of their customers most frequently asked questions.

  1. What is included in a grease tank cleaning?

When Oakton, VA residents have a grease tank cleaning performed, they are often surprised at how simple the procedure normally is. The sludge and debris will be effectively removed, and the tank, drain and lines carefully cleaned and inspected. If any problems are found the skilled technicians will discuss the issues and potential solutions with the property owner.

  1. Does experience matter in a septic service company?

Ensuring that a septic system is functioning properly takes skill and experience, and that is what customers get when they schedule an appointment with Advantage Septic Service. The qualified technicians are licensed and fully insured, and certified to perform inspections on residential and commercial septic systems in Northern Virginia. With over thirty years of experience cleaning and maintaining grease tanks, Advantage Septic Service is more than qualified to keep their customers’ systems functioning properly.

  1. Why is it important to have a grease tank cleaned?

The grease tank needs to be emptied and cleaned to prevent clogs and overflows. Grease, fat and oil can build-up, and cause clogs in the drain and lines. Not only will this eventually result in messy overflows, it can be expensive to cleanup and repair. Foul odors are also common when grease tanks overflow, and this can be devastating to businesses. The county also requires regular maintenance on all septic systems, and failure to do so can result in fines and other penalties.

  1. How often should a grease tank be emptied and cleaned?

Residential and commercial properties in Oakton, VA will have varying schedules for grease tank cleaning. How often the system is used, along with the size and age of the tank will all play a role in determining the maintenance schedule. The EPA and county health departments also have their own requirements that will depend on if the grease tank is used in a residence or commercially. The experts at Advantage Septic Service will carefully evaluate each property and create a cleaning schedule that fits the system’s needs.

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