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Prince William County VA Septic System

Advantage Septic Service perfectly understands how helpful is an ultimate guide to your Prince William County, VA, septic tank for our customers. This guide will explain how septic tanks function and the need for regular septic tank maintenance for long-term and efficient waste removal.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?
Septic tanks are simpler to maintain if you understand how they function. So, first, let’s take a look at this. A pipe carries all of the home waste into the opening section of the septic tank. Always remember that the key aspect of septic tank decomposition is the millions of microorganisms inside them that break down the waste.

A layer called sludge forms at the bottom of the tank, mainly consisting of solid waste, while oils, greases, and fats produce a layer called scum on the surface. Liquid effluent between these two layers is discharged from the first chamber to the second one, where the same sedimentation process is repeated. The second compartment’s effluent is sent to the drain field, where the soil further treats it.

Problems with wastewater flow and an unpleasant smell might be caused by an unmaintained septic tank that hasn’t been adequately kept. Septic tanks in Prince William County, Virginia, are complex systems that need regular inspections and cleanings to keep them running at their peak efficiency. This is what our ultimate guide to your Prince William County, VA, septic tank aims to achieve.

How to Maintain Your Septic Tank?
• Recognize the Symptoms
A few clear warning signs may point to septic tank system failure. Slowed-down drains and toilets, bad odor, and sewage backup in the house are all symptoms of a blocked sewer. The presence of green grass in the drain field is also a warning indicator.
• Make The Most of Your Water
Septic tanks are the final resting place for all household waste. Too much water may disturb the natural balance and kill beneficial microbes. In addition, the system might also flood out if it had to process too much water.
• Be Vigilant About What You Put into the System
What you flush down the toilet indeed has a direct impact on your septic tank. Consequently, never flush trash down the toilet. Remember that the septic tank, soil, and groundwater may be harmed if you flush down anything other than human waste.
• Avoid Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
Home cleaning products may kill beneficial bacteria in a septic tank. This includes drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaning products and floor cleaning products. Additionally, this significantly impacts the system’s ability to handle the waste. Please don’t use chemicals that might damage your septic system since this could cause it to fail.
• Conduct Routine Maintenance and Inspections.
Ensure that your septic tank system is working properly by conducting frequent inspections. We would be more than happy if you let us know what you think of our ultimate guide to your Prince William County, VA, septic tank.

Please fill out the form on our website if you have any questions concerning septic tank installation or maintenance. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the assistance you need.

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