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Septic Tank Pumping Centreville VA

In Centreville, VA, septic tank pumping is important for the overall safety and functioning of a septic system. When pumping is done on a schedule, it keeps the system dependable. If the tank gets too full, it can cause cracks in the tank, leaks into the drain field and backups into the house.

It’s About Cost

Homeowners are worried about keeping their homes and property sanitary and in legal compliance. But at heart, what they really want to do is save money. Sadly, this often takes the form of putting off regular septic tank pumping in Centreville, VA. A typical pennywise, pound-foolish choice, it can lead to major expenditures for a new septic system.

Scheduling the pumping every two to three years, which is recommended, or even three to five years for weekend getaway cabins, is very affordable. It takes just minutes to set up an appointment with a trained technician, like the ones at Advantage Septic Service.

How Septic Systems Work

The septic system is made up of the pipes leading from the house to the tank, the tank itself, which is buried, and the drain field. The wastewater from toilets, sinks, tubs and showers and appliances like clothes washers and dishwashers, all flow into the septic tank.

Heavy matter, called sludge, drops to the bottom of the tank. Grease and oil rises to the top. Water takes up the rest of the space, typically 90 percent of the tank’s capacity. The sludge is broken down by bacteria over time, then flows harmlessly out into the drain field.

When too much water flows into the tank, the sludge doesn’t have anywhere to go but out. It causes cracks to form and leaks out into the drain field before the bacteria has had time to do its job. Sludge can also flow back into the pipes and into the house, a very smelly, unsanitary and inconvenient occurrence.

With regular septic tank pumping in Centreville, VA, there is room in the tank for the sludge. Bacteria can do its job and it can work its way out into the drain field without causing damage to the tank or the soil.

Work with Septic Experts

Advantage Septic Service has been helping homeowners keep their septic systems in A-1 condition since 1997. During that time, the local community has come to rely on their expertise and dependable help. All the technicians at Advantage are fully trained in current septic tank best practices. They can answer homeowner questions and get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Advantage Septic Service handles a number of septic and related jobs, including:

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic repair and replacement
  • Alarm-float replacement
  • Sewage pump installation
  • Real estate inspections

Call Advantage Septic Service today to schedule a septic tank pumping in Centreville, VA.

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