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Septic Tank Pumping Clifton VA

Scheduling regular septic tank pumping in Clifton, VA, is the best way to ensure that a septic system lasts for many years. These installations are used constantly, and water flows day in and day out into the tank. They require consistent care for proper functioning.

It Costs Less to Pump Regularly

The biggest reason that homeowners cite for getting regular septic tank pumping in Clifton, VA, is because it costs much less than repairing or replacing the tank and drain field. While scheduled pumping is highly affordable, major repairs are extremely expensive.

The tank needs to be dug up, the drain field redone and a new tank installed. Often plumbing into the house needs repair because of a backup. Labor costs are high for this type of work. But the homeowner has no choice if he wants to live on his property. Every home needs a working septic system to handle wastewater.

The cost-effective approach is to pay for pumping every few years. The more consistent a homeowner is, the longer the septic system will last.

The Many Advantages of Pumping

When wastewater flows into a tank, the solids, called sludge, drop to the bottom. Fat and grease rises to the top. The water takes up the remaining room, about 90 percent of the tank’s capacity.

What happens when more water is used than what the tank can effectively process? The excess water causes a major strain on the system. It forces the sludge out before it has been broken down safely by bacteria. Instead, it goes directly into the drain field or backs up into the home’s plumbing system. The results are unsanitary, unsafe and frustrating.

When the septic system doesn’t work, the dishwasher and clothes washer can be used. Toilets can be flushed. Sinks in the bathroom or kitchen can’t be used. Showers and tubs can be run. The result is a family lifestyle interrupted.

Regular pumping keeps the septic system humming along, with minimal amounts of care on the part of the family. They still need to watch what they put into the system and to take proper care of the drain field. Otherwise, the entire system works dependably and for many years.

Trust Experience

The team at Advantage Septic Service has been helping homeowners with all their septic needs since 1997. They have earned a reputation for excellent customer service and dependability. The technicians at Advantage are fully trained and equipped to handle pumping, repair and replacement.

Advantage Septic Service offers a range of septic help, including

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic tank repair and replacement
  • Real estate inspections
  • Alarm-float replacement

To schedule a septic tank pumping in Centreville, VA, call the experts at Advantage Septic Service today.

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