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Septic Tank Pumping Gainesville VA

In Gainesville, septic tank pumping is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep a system functioning. When sludge is allowed to accumulate in a tank, it can eventually start to leak out, causing cracks in the tank. Replacing a tank is far more expensive and time-consuming than a simple pumping.

How Often Should the Tank Be Pumped?

Experts recommend that a family of four get septic tank pumping in Gainesville, VA, every two to three years. If the house is used just occasionally, like a weekend getaway, the time between pumpings can be extended to every three to five years.

But for bigger families or for homes that use more water, the best schedule is every year. This ensures that the tank never gets overfull and can handle all the wastewater coming in from the plumbing system.

Is It Really Necessary?

Yes, regular septic tank pumping in Gainesville, VA, is necessary. It is also the law. When tanks get too full, the sludge leaks out into the drain field and cracks the tank so other contaminants flow into the field. It can also cause the plumbing to back up into the house.

Both situations are unsanitary and a health hazard, personally and for the public. What really gets the attention of a homeowner, though, is the cost. Replacing a tank is expensive. When it means relocating the drain field, the cost becomes a nightmare.

All of this can be avoided with a simple, affordable septic tank pumping in Gainesville, VA, on a regular basis.

Septic Tank Basics

Septic tanks work on gravity. As wastewater flows into the tank from the plumbing system, sludge—the heavy matter in the water—drops to the bottom. The grease and oil floats to the top. The wastewater fills the middle, about 90 percent of the tanks capacity.

In a well maintained tank, the sludge is broken down by bacteria, then harmlessly released into the drain field. But when excess water enters the tank, the sludge has nowhere to go but out. That’s why it leaks from cracks and backs up into pipes.

The pumping gets rid of the sludge before any of this happens. It creates more space in the tank, and keeps it working in peak condition. It also extends the life of the entire septic system.

Trust Experience

Since 1997, the friendly people at Advantage Septic Services have been helping homeowners in the Northern Virginia area. They understand all aspects of septic systems, from installation to cleaning, from replacement to inspections.

Advantage is known for its competitive pricing, superior customer service and experienced technicians. The company provides reliable maintenance service and fast repairs in an emergency.

Advantage handles a variety of septic and water services, including:

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic repair and replacement
  • Sewage pump installation
  • Real estate inspections
  • Car wash cleaning
  • Grease tank cleaning
  • Alarm-float replacement

For septic tank pumping in Gainesville, VA, call the experts at Advantage Septic Service today.

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