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What Happens If A Warrenton Va Septic Tank Is Never Pumped Out

How long has it been since have pumped out your septic tank? If you’ve recently purchased your home, there is a good chance that its former owner may not have documented these things or you may not have access to such information. In both these cases, you might not be knowing how many years have passed since the last a septic tank inspection in your property.

Remember that in such cases, the safest course of action is to schedule the service right away. This is because if you have a septic tank that is full up to the brim, the sewage will start to flow right back into your house.

What Happens If a Warrenton, VA, Septic Tank is Never Pumped Out?

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of having your septic tank inspection in a scheduled manner because a septic tank that is never pumped out will surely fail sooner or later. Not only that, but it would also cost you a fortune to clean up the mess and get it working again. Not to mention the health hazard an overflowing septic tank poses to you and your family. Also, you have to deal with the horrendous smell until the cleanup is complete.

When Should You Carry Out a Septic Tank Pumping?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend pump out your Warrenton, VA, septic tank every three to five years. This is very important to reduce the risk of sewage backup and keep your septic system functioning at an optimal level. A septic tank inspection is the best way to find out if your tank requires pumping out. For your convenience, we recommend you get both of these services performed on the same visit. However, keep in mind that every home is different and depending upon the number of people living in the household and the size of your septic tank you may need your tank pumped out more or less frequently.

Also, keep in mind that cultivating good septic habits are also important. For example, if you are using a municipal sewage system, you seldom worry about what gets poured down your sinks or flushed down your toilets. Of course, you will get a clog in one of your pipes, if you do this. However, once you clear it, you no longer need to worry about it. It becomes someone else’s problem.

Things are not that easy when you own a home with a septic system. In this case, you have only yourself to blame for the clogs caused by poor septic habits. So it would be best if you were extra careful about what you dump into the system. The less often you put something inappropriate into the system, the less often you’ll need your tank pumped out.

If you are still confused about “what happens if a Warrenton, VA, septic tank is never pumped out?” make sure to give us a call.

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