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What is a New Baltimore VA Septic Tank Alarm?

There is no doubt that every New Baltimore VA septic system needs an alarm. Do you know what is a New Baltimore VA septic tank alarm and how it functions? As a matter of fact, most of the septic tank owners in the New Baltimore area are not sure why their septic tank alarm goes off.

There can be several reasons why a septic tank alarm goes off. An alarm indicates a simple high-level warning most of the time, which lets the homeowners realize its high time they have conducted a septic tank maintenance job. Apart from this, heavy rains and storms can also force their way into a septic tank, causing the alarm to go off. This is especially the case when the servicing people have left the tank’s hatch unsecured after the last servicing. Yet another situation in which the septic alarm goes off is when there is a broken pipe near the septic tank, which lets water seep into the septic tank.

What is a New Baltimore VA Septic Tank Alarm?
A New Baltimore, VA Septic Tank Alarm, has two components. The first one is a float control switch, and the second is a sewer ejector pump. These two components work together to ensure the seamless working of a septic system. As the float in the tank rises above the safe level, the alarm goes off and warns the homeowners that the tank is full and it’s time to empty its contents by scheduling a waste removal.

If the homeowner ignores the first alarm and the tank continues to fill by any chance, then the float rises higher, triggering the alarm for the second time. In such situations, the sewer ejector pump will get activated, and it will start to pump out the top level of wastewater from the tank until the float returns to a safe level. Once the float level comes to a safe level, the pump stops, and the alarm gets switched off automatically.

At Advantage Septic Service, we always take any septic system alarms seriously because our experience has taught us to deal with an alarm as fast as possible. This is because any delay in dealing with a septic alarm may result in a sewage spill or a major repair of the septic system. This is why our technicians advise the homeowners to get in touch with the professionals immediately once the alarm goes off.

If you are worried about septic tank issues at your home or business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately. For this, all you have to do is fill-up the form on our website. You can rest assured that one of our team members will contact you soon.

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