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What is an Airlie, VA Septic Tank Alarm?

Are you an Airlie, VA homeowner who has a septic tank on your property? You may like to hear more about what is an Airlie, VA, septic tank alarm and how it works in that scenario. If so, read on.

The crucial role of a septic tank warning is to alert homeowners in case of emergencies. Some of these high-level alerts suggest that it is time to service the septic tank. Sometimes these alerts would also mean that a strong storm or heavy rain has made its way into the tank, causing the tank’s water level to rise. Another situation that may cause these alarms to go off is where a nearby leaking pipe begins to seep into the septic tank, causing the tank’s water level to rise above the safe limits.

At Advantage Septic Services, we are well aware of the different factors that may lead to your septic system alarm activation. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, a septic tank warning will also go off if any repair to the piping or tank is needed. This is why we always pay careful attention to the potential problems with a septic tank after we have completed its deployment. We do make sure to respond to a waste collection request from our clients as soon as possible.

What is an Airlie, VA Septic Tank Alarm?
A septic tank alarm mainly has two parts: A float release switch and a waste ejector pump. These two work together to provide you with a high-level alert that indicates whether an immediate waste removal service is required. It also allows to release wastewater or partially treated sewage in a safe manner.

Often your septic tank will go on filling up fast until the waste disposal truck arrives at your door. In such cases, the float begins to rise higher, causing the alarm to go off again. This means your septic tank is in an overfill condition. Under such cases, the ejector pump collects the top surface of the waste or effluent and ensures the float returns to a stable amount by pumping it out. Once the float level reaches the safe level, the ejector pump stops pumping and turns off the alarm.

The same alarm mechanism gets activated when extra water is pumped into the tank, hoping to break down the solid matter. This is not true. Adding more water to an overfilled septic tank would only raise the tank’s float level even higher, causing the system to trigger the septic tank alert. This will eventually cause the owner to make an emergency response call.

If you want to know more about septic tank alarms and how they function, fill-up the form provided on our website. One of our team members will get back to you soon.

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