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What to Do If Your Gainesville, VA Septic Tank Collapses

One of the main things that makes a septic tank collapse dangerous is that you have no way to see it coming. It is not possible for you to know whether a septic system will collapse by looking it from outside. In most cases, septic tank collapses happen all of a sudden without any warning signs. So, most of the time, when a septic tank collapse happens in your yard, it will leave you wondering what causes a Gainesville, VA septic tank to collapse. Remember that a septic tank collapse leads to a very smelly and messy situation in your yard. More than that, having a collapsed septic tank in your property is also extremely dangerous as anyone can fall into it and die due to intoxication.

What Causes a Gainesville, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

There are many possibilities which can lead to a septic tank collapse. For example, an obvious reason is having an old septic tank in your yard, which is not maintained correctly. For instance, if your septic tank is built using materials that are prone to corrosion, they can get eroded in the long run. Remember that, corrosion will significantly reduce the strength of your septic tank. So, in case you have an old septic system in your yard, which is either not adequately maintained or is disconnected, make sure to get it inspected by experts at Advantage Septic Service as soon as possible.

Another interesting fact is that empty septic tanks are more prone to collapse. This is because they do not have water inside them to neutralize the pressure of its surrounding soil. Also, keep in mind that a septic tank which has been abandoned, disconnected or remains empty for long periods will cause high hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding ground leading to a collapse.

Another reason for a sudden septic tank collapse is the disproportionate wastewater distribution in it. A septic system which is appropriately designed and maintained will always distribute the water evenly, and it will also make sure that the water absorption to the soil is also done uniformly. In case your septic tank fails to do this, it will lead to putting more pressure on a specific area of the tank to absorb more water than it can handle. This will decrease the water absorption capacity of that area and will cause the soil to give way suddenly leading to a septic tank collapse. Another common cause of sudden septic tank collapse is driving heavy vehicles or equipment on the ground near to your septic tank system or over it.

Always treat a septic tank collapse as an emergency and act accordingly. You can give experts at Advantage Septic Service a call regarding your septic tank collapse, and we will be happy to provide you with prompt service.

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