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Will A Flooded Broad Run Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

When a septic tank gets flooded, many people assume that it will fix by itself. Is it true? Will a flooded Broad Run VA septic tank fix itself? Read on to understand the signs of a water-logged septic tank and what you can do about it.

Signs of a Water-logged Septic Tank:

A thunderstorm or heavy rain alone is not a sign of a water-logged septic tank. There are many other signs you have to watch out for like:

Settling is common, right after you have installed the septic tank. However, if the soil around your tank is sinking even after more than a year of installation, this is a cause for concern. You most probably have a water-logged septic tank.

Moist soil
If you notice the place around the septic tank is yet soaked, even days after a rainfall, you most likely have the problem of a septic tank, which is flooded. Moist soil is an indication that your drain field is clogged and is not able to filter out effluent wastewater.

Standing water
A pool of water on top of the septic tank, which does not disappear is a signal of a septic tank, which is flooded.

A foul smell
In case the area round your septic tank is giving off a strange smell, this is an indication the septic tank is flooded. This is especially true after a heavy rain and indicates that the system of the septic tank cannot filter effluents.

Sewage clogging up the drains
If the sewage is clogging up your drains, then this result in the overflowing of the septic tank. A proper functioning septic system must have sufficient space in it, so as to enable the wastewater to be able to enter it. The drain field cannot work properly after a flood, which means the tank also can’t.

Will a flooded Broad Run VA septic tank fix itself?

Trust us, a water-logged septic tank should not be taken lightly. A waterlogged septic tank poses a huge problem, since it is responsible for draining all the wastewater from your home. A water-logged septic tank will be unable to collect the wastewater and as a result your home’s drains will get clogged, which will emanate a foul smell. This becomes a huge problem and it has to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Your water-logged septic tank will not fix itself. You will have to call a specialist to help diagnose the exact problem and fix it. Once the ground around the septic tank and drain field has dried a bit, the tank will need to be pumped. You can get a professional, who will help fix your flooded septic tank on our website. All you have to do is fill up the contact form on our website and our experts will be in touch with you.

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