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Will a flooded Leesburg VA septic tank fix itself?

A heavy rainfall causes the ground round your home to take in a great deal of moisture. This is a natural process, which aids in the prevention of flooding.
The drain field provides an area for sewage to filter through the soil. This process already lightly saturates the ground around the drain field and atop it too. However, during heavy rains, the soil will absorb rainwater, instead of wastewater.

When this situation happens, wastewater will no longer be properly filtered and your septic tank’s system will be a total failure. You must have this question in your mind: “Will a flooded Leesburg VA septic tank fix itself?”. Well, before we can answer that, you must first learn the signs of a septic tank, which is flooded.

A thunderstorm alone doesn’t mean you have a septic tank that is flooded. There are a few other signs that you have a septic tank, which is flooded:

Many users usually notice settling right after the installation of their new tank, which is a very common occurrence. However, if you notice this happening years later, it could be a big problem. The most likely reason for this is a septic tank that is flooded.

Moist soil
If the ground atop your home is still wet from the rain, even days later, this could indicate a septic tank, which is flooded. This is a sign that the drain field is clogged with water and can no longer discharge wastewater effectively.

Standing water
Have you noticed a puddle of water which does not dissipate near your septic tank? The most likely cause of this is a septic tank that is flooded.

Unpleasant odor
A huge evident sign of a septic tank, which is flooded is an unpleasant odor emanating from the ground around it. This usually occurs, when waste water is clogged and cannot be filtered out.

Sewage back-up in your drains
If your septic tank does not have enough space for wastewater to enter, the sewage can back up your drains and get clogged. This causes the drain field to malfunction, hence flooding your septic tank.

Will a flooded Leesburg VA septic tank fix itself?

If you suspect a septic tank is flooded, don’t think it will fix by itself. It is best you take care of it, sooner rather than later; else you might have to repent. The system can emit unpleasant smells and cause sewage to reenter your home. It is best to get in touch with a specialist, who will diagnose and fix the problem. We can provide you with experts, who will do this for you. Please fill up the contact form on our website and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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