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Will A Flooded Manassas VA Septic Tank Fix Itself?

A heavy rain causes lot of water to seep through the soil round your home, which helps prevent flooding. In case you have installed the septic-tank, there’s a high probability that it’s drain field and the soil round it, will most likely absorb the water, and cause septic tank flooding in case of a heavy storm.

The drain field’s main function is to give space for sewage to conduct filtration across the soil. But during heavy storms, the soil that is supposed to be for wastewater is heavily drenched with rainwater.

If this happens, the entire function of the septic tank becomes topsy-turvy, it’s drain-field wouldn’t be able to drain the sewage of your household properly. Will a flooded Manassas VA septic tank fix itself? Well, try to read and find out from below:

Signals of a Sodden Septic Tank:
It doesn’t surely imply that the septic tank is flooded, only because of a storm, the previous night. You can look out for certain revealing signs that will determine, whether you actually have a septic tank that is flooded:

Suppose, you had installed the septic-tank a year ago and the place round it, is still sinking, you might have an issue! It’s quite natural to have settling for some time, once you install a new septic tank, but if this occurrence is happening long after installation, all because of a heavy pour-down, it’s an indication of a sodden septic tank

Damp soil
If the soil is still damp, even after some days, since you had your last showers, you can be sure that the septic tank is flooded. This is a clear sign your drain field is sodden and cannot filter the effluent, as required.

Standing water
Suppose a small pool has formed near the septic-tank, which will not clear, then definitely you have got a septic tank that is sodden.

A foul smell
If the area around the septic system seems smelly, it maybe an indication that the entire system of the septic tank has got clogged up.

The backing up of sewage
If after use, your sewage is still coming back into the drains, it’s a clear indication that your septic-tank has a flooding problem. An efficiently functioning septic system should have sufficient space for the effluent to enter the tank. If the drain field doesn’t function its operations properly, then consequently the tank wouldn’t either.

Will a flooded Manassas VA septic tank fix itself?
Do not mess around with a waterlogged septic tank. The septic-tank is responsible for draining all the effluents from your home, so a flooded one is a big problem. A water-logged septic tank may cause dirt to clog right back into the drains and give out a bad smell and this becomes a big problem for you, which has to be handled sooner rather than later. It is unlikely that your water-logged septic tank will fix by itself, hence this problem has to be resolved from the bud. And to do that you need to get in touch with one of our experts, just fill up the contact form on our website.

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