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Will A Flooded Middleburg Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

The muddy earth around your home collects a lot of water during heavy rainfall. This is nature’s way of preventing floods and other natural disasters. Remember that there is a chance for your septic tank to get flooded also, due to the rainwater entering it, during a storm.

The key function of a drain field is to have an area for the effluent to go through the soil. This adds to the already saturated groundwater. A drawback during heavy rainfall is that the soil, which is meant to collect wastewater will collect rainwater instead. This can be problematic for your septic tank, since the effluent can not drain properly, thus clogging the drain field.

Will a flooded Middleburg VA septic tank fix itself?
Many people think that a flooded septic tank will resolve its problem on its own. This is not true. You need to be alert about the functioning of your septic tank. How would you know if your septic tank is flooding? These few signs could indicate you have a flooded septic tank:

If the ground around the septic tank is sinking, you may need to pay attention. This is caused by settling, a frequent effect, succeeding the septic tank installation. However, if it happens more than once a year after installation, this is a sign that you have a flooded septic tank.

Damp soil
If you notice the ground is still saturated with water, even days after the last rain, then you may have a problem. Soggy soil is a direct indicator that the ground is clogged with water.

Standing water
If you notice the formation of a pool of water above the septic tank that doesn’t seem to disappear, it is most likely your septic tank is overflowing.

A foul odor
A major sign of a flooded septic tank is a foul smell, as this shows that the wastewater can no longer be filtered effectively.

Sewage backing up in your drains
A well-functioning septic tank will have enough space for the wastewater to enter. If the drain field is not functioning properly, the sewage is most likely clogging your drains.

A flooded septic tank is a serious problem and timely action needs to be taken to resolve it. You might be wondering will a flooded Middleburg VA septic tank fix itself? If the septic tank continues to overflow, it can cause sewage clogging in your drains and emit a foul odor due to the accumulation of wastewater. Don’t get fooled by people who tell you that a flooded septic tank will fix by itself. You will need to get in touch with a professional to unclog it and bring it back to its working state.

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