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Will A Flooded Sterling Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

Have you noticed that during a heavy rain, the ground around your house becomes saturated with moisture? Do you know why this happens? This is nature’s way of preventing your home from flooding. If you have a septic-tank installed, the soil and the drain field round it will most probably soak the water during a heavy storm.

The drain field effectively provides a space for effluent wastewater to conduct f through the ground. This causes the ground above and around the drain field to get lightly saturated. However, in case of heavy rains, the soil that is meant for wastewater, gets saturated with rainwater instead.
If this occurs, the effluent cannot drain effectively through the drain field’s soil and will cause a major problem to the septic-tank. Will a flooded Sterling VA septic tank fix itself?

Well, read on to find out:

What are the signs you have a water-logged septic tank?
A thunderstorm alone does not indicate a water-logged septic tank. There are other signs you have to watch out for such as:

Now, settling is completely normal; immediately after the installation of the septic-tank on your property. However, if you notice this phenomenon, even after more than a year of installation, pay attention. A heavy rain can cause the septic-tank to overflow, hence causing settling.

Moist Soil
Moist soil is a sign that the drain field is clogged and cannot filter effluent wastewater. This can occur if the ground remains saturated even days after a heavy rain.

Standing pool of water
Have you ever noticed a small pool of water above the septic-tank of your home, which does not seem to dissipate? This is a sure sign of a water-logged septic tank, which requires attention.

A foul smell
In some cases, after a bad thunderstorm, the septic system could get backed up. This causes the septic-tank to function ineffectively, leading to a foul smell.

Sewage backing up in your drains
An accurately working septic tank will have enough space for wastewater to enter. If after a flood, the drain field gets ruined, then in such circumstances the tank doesn’t function properly. This causes sewage to back up into your drains after use.

Will a flooded Sterling VA septic tank fix itself?
Trust us, a flooded septic tank cannot fix itself. If your septic system is not working, you will need to get it fixed by a specialist. Remember that your septic tank is responsible for the draining of sewage from your home. If it becomes flooded, this sewage can back up and clog your home’s drains and emit foul smell. We can provide you with experts, who can help diagnose and fix your septic scheme’s problems. Just fill up the contact form on our website and one of our professionals will get in touch with you.

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