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Are Commonly Used Cleaners Safe for Your Catlett VA Septic Tank?

People usually never think about their septic systems until the unthinkable happens and the system has to be repaired, or replaced altogether due to breakage or blockage. Most of these costly repairs can be eliminated up to a certain extent if you be more careful about how you maintain your septic system. For example, most of us don’t realize the fact that using harsh, chemical-based cleaning products for cleaning septic systems causes them more harm than good.

What Are Septic Tank Safe Cleaners to Use in My Catlett VA House?
One of the most significant misunderstandings among homeowners about maintaining a septic system is that adding different chemicals to clean it will increase its performance. On the other hand, some people have the opinion that chemical cleaners are not suitable for the proper functioning of septic tanks. This is because your septic system has a variety of bacteria that breaks down waste in it. You can think of a septic tank more as an ecosystem in itself where each component present is dependent upon one another for proper functioning. Remember that if you want your septic tank to remove waste from your household efficiently, these bacteria must operate at full capacity.

In a septic system that is working correctly, the waste material moved to it is broken down, turned to liquid form, and reduced in odor as part of a natural process. If you think about it, adding artificial additives to speed up a natural process makes no sense. Even though this is very evident, many septic tank owners still use chemical cleaners, disinfectants, and additives to clean their septic tank. So, it is unsurprising that many of these owners are faced with septic tank problems and wonder what caused them.

In most cases, when your septic system malfunctions, one of the main reasons is the overuse of chemical cleaners. These chemicals upset the balance of the natural process needed to break down the waste it contains. To summarize, the best way to take proper care of your septic tank is to perform scheduled maintenance correctly. Most septic tanks might need to be cleaned at least once in three years.

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