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Ashburn Va Septic Tank Pumping

Our Ashburn VA septic tank pumping service is a critical part of what we do as the region’s premier septic service company. It’s not glamorous work, but it is necessary. Here’s why: Broadly speaking, there are two types of materials that wind up in your tank. Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable.

Biodegradables are supposed to go in your tank and your septic system is designed to handle them. The tank bacteria will break them down in time and they’ll be processed into the drain field along with the rest of the waste material in the tank. No problem.

Non-biodegradable materials, on the other hand, are a big problem. These usually get introduced into the system by mistake or in a moment of carelessness, and unfortunately, your tank bacteria can’t deal with them. Over time, more and more of this stuff gets introduced into your tank, taking up an increasing amount of space.

Before long, your tank gets full, the raw sewage inside only has one place to go. Right back into your house.

If you’ve never had to deal with that particular problem in your life, count yourself lucky indeed. You never want to. If you have, then you know what an expensive nightmare can be. Not only is the smell awful, but it’s nearly impossible to clean and until you’ve solved the issue, it poses a genuine health risk to you and your family.

That’s why our Ashburn VA septic tank pumping service is so important. If you’re not sure when the last time you had the service performed, the safest choice is to assume that you’re overdue and your tank is nearing capacity.

If you like, while we’re pumping your tank, we can also perform a through inspection of your system. We recommending having both services performed every three to five years on average and in practice, many of the customers we serve have both of these done at the same time.

It should be noted though, that the three to five year time frame we mentioned above is just a general guideline. A rule of thumb. You may find that you need our Ashburn VA septic tank pumping service more or less frequently than that based on a number of different factors including the number of people you have living in your home with you, how often you entertain overnight guests and how good or bad your septic tank habits are.

Many people are surprised to learn that there’s such a thing as septic tank habits. There are! At the root, this is about being mindful and not flushing non-biodegradable materials down your toilet or pouring them down the sink. The more you can avoid doing that, the less often you’ll need to have your tank pumped.

In any case, if you start experiencing any problems with your system, help is just a phone call away!

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