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Calverton Va Grease Tank Cleaning

Your restaurant’s grease trap is probably not something you spend a lot of time thinking about, but it’s kind of the unsung hero of your business. If it’s not functioning properly, or if it’s at full capacity, your restaurant doesn’t function because it will result in raw sludge backflowing into your kitchen; a nasty mixture of fats, oils, grease and solids that smells to high heaven and will pose a genuine health risk until it’s taken care of.

The good news is, it never has to come to that. Our Calverton VA grease tank cleaning service is one of the most commonly used and popular of the services we provide. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to clean the trap on your own, you already know and understand why the service is in such demand. To say that it’s a dirty, disgusting job is a sublime understatement.

It’s one of the dirtiest jobs there is. Not only will it take up the better part of your day, but even if you’re wearing protective clothing, whatever you’ve got on underneath will probably be ruined by the time you’re done.

In general, we recommend availing yourself of our Calverton VA grease tank cleaning service every three months, but there are a couple of additional wrinkles to consider. For one, a good general guideline is the ‘One Quarter Rule,’ which says that any time your trap is more than a quarter full with grease, fats, oils and solids, it’s time for a cleaning, even if it hasn’t been three months.

There’s also your city’s regulations on the subject to consider. Obviously, what the city says, goes, so even if your trap isn’t quite full and the city says it’s time, then it’s time.

If you’re finding yourself having to have your trap cleaned out more frequently than you’d like, there are a couple of things to be sure your employees are aware of that will help reduce the frequency.

The first big thing is this: If you have a garbage disposal unit in your restaurant—and you’re very likely to—be sure it’s not connected to your grease trap. If it is, its presence is going to introduce more solids into the system which will cause it to fill up more quickly.

Second, one of the simplest ways of reducing the number of times a year you have to rely on our Calverton VA grease tank cleaning service is to be sure your employees are thoroughly scraping the dinner plates before washing the dishes. Again, the purpose here is to limit the amount of solids that find their way into the trap which keeps it from filling up as quickly.

Of course, anytime it starts nearing capacity and you need us, one call to our office and we’ll be there.

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