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Centreville VA Septic Tank Cleaning

There are several reasons why Centreville, VA property owners need septic tank cleaning done regularly. Unfortunately, many property owners don’t think about it until there is a problem. Not only can this result in expensive repairs, there can even be penalties from the county. It is required by law that traditional septic tanks be cleaned at least once every five years. Since 1997, Advantage Septic Service has been maintaining and repairing alternative and traditional septic systems. They understand the importance of regular tank cleaning, which is why they have put together this list of their clients most frequently asked questions.

  1. Does experience matter in a septic service company?

When it’s time for Centreville, VA property owners to schedule septic tank cleaning, experience is important. Since 1997, the professionals at Advantage Septic Service has been specializing in septic system maintenance and repair. Their thirty years of experience with commercial and residential wastewater management systems, ensures that they have the skill and knowledge their customers have come to depend on.

  1. What happens when a septic tank is cleaned?

When Centreville, VA residents schedule septic tank cleaning they are often surprised at how simple the procedure is. Advantage Septic Service will empty the tank, paying close attention to the levels of sludge and scum. This will help determine how often a septic tank needs to be pumped. The baffles and lines will be inspected, along with the drain field. If any problems are discovered, Advantage Septic Service will find an effective and efficient solution.

  1. Why is it important to have a septic tank cleaned?

Over time sludge and scum will build up in a septic tank. Lines and drains will become clogged, and drain fields overflow. When these problems occur it can be devastating to the environment, and result in expensive repairs. In some cases, the entire septic system might need to be replaced. The county also mandates that traditional and alternative septic systems be inspected regularly, failure to do so can be a costly mistake.

  1. How often should a septic tank be cleaned?

Centreville, VA property owners should schedule septic tank cleaning based on several factors. The team from Advantage Septic Service will carefully analyze the property to determine its specific needs. The age and size of the tank, along with usage will all be considered, along with county requirements. They will discuss the cleaning schedule with the property owner to also ensure that it fits their lifestyle and budget.

With thirty years of experience, residents in Northern Virginia know that they can depend on the professionals at Advantage Septic Service. Their commitment to excellence has earned them the trust and respect of their clients, and they look forward to continuing this tradition for another three decades.

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