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Chantilly VA Grease Trap Cleaning

It is never advisable to pour FOG (Fats, oils, and grease) down the drain. It isn’t even essential. Do you know that the same can lead to the clogging of sewer lines in the neighborhood and cause issues at the local water treatment facilities? As such, it’s a terrible idea and unnecessary to pour the fats, oils, and grease down the drain.

What Determines Chantilly VA Grease Trap Cleaning?

Whenever you call in the Advantage Septic Service professionals for a regular grease trap maintenance service, how often they might conduct the cleaning will depend on factors such as:

  1. The type of food- The more the waste will contain extra grease, the more often you may need grease trap cleaning. Moreover, increased waste discharge in the form of substances like meats, frostings, salad dressing, butter oil, and sauces implies a higher frequency of cleaning the grease interceptor.
  2. The amount of food- If you operate in a busy kitchen area with establishments that channel more waste products that go down the drain, it implies the need for a higher pumping rate. However, regardless of how eventful your kitchen always is, it isn’t an excuse to make your functional area filthy and uncomfortable.
  3. The trap or interceptor sizing- It is almost automatic that; the smaller the trap size, the higher the pumping frequency.

A recommended cleaning practice is that: You can lessen the quantity of FOG that goes down the drain by scraping the dishes before washing them. Consequently, you will have reduced the substances that can make their way down into the drain. The standard practice should be to avoid fryer oils and other high-fat liquids from flowing down the drains.

Why Grease Trap Cleaning is Necessary

Usually, waste produced by large-scale institutions like hotels, schools, and hospital kitchen units, are considerably more in terms of rate and amount. If left unchecked, the waste may finally accumulate in the grease trap and cause concerns such as Foul smell, limited wastewater flow, and clogged sewers and drainpipes.

Whenever the trapped fats, oil, and grease are not pumped out when appropriate, they might end up forming thick layers, which could then begin escaping via the outlets, hence the horrible smells that may make your surroundings uncomfortable.

Besides, with blockages in the downstream pipes, the grease traps and drains that hold the wastewater could flood out. As a result, your kitchen might be shut down by the local sanitary authorizations.

To keep off these issues, you need to maintain your grease trap through regular maintenance and the quick fixing of a poorly-functioning grease trap.

Talk to the Professionals for Assistance Regarding Your Grease Trap

Now that you have the right information concerning your grease trap system ensure you contact Advantage Septic Service for Chantilly VA grease trap cleaning. You can also agree to set up a regular maintenance schedule with us to help you keep off the unpleasant kitchen operations that you might experience often.

Get in touch with Advantage Septic Service now and learn how your grease trap cleaning services will help you achieve the smooth operation you’ve always longed for in your home or business place.

With over two decades of serving residents and businesses dedicatedly, we are now one of the most distinguished grease trap cleaning contractors in Northern Virginia.

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