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Clifton Va Grease Tank Cleaning

They say it’s the little things that will get you.  The things you overlook, or don’t spend much time thinking about.  In the restaurant business, one of those little things is your humble grease trap.

If it’s not cleaned out every four to six weeks, it can cause disgusting sludge to back up into your pristine kitchen, creating not only a huge mess but also a genuine health hazard that will force you to close your doors for several days while you deal with it.

Even worse, if you’re in the habit of running hot water through the trap, say, from a dishwasher whose output flows through it, or if you use chemicals that are designed to dissolve grease, it could lead to even bigger problems.

Why?  Because hot water and those chemicals both dissolve grease, which allows it to escape the trap where it will either enter the city’s sewage system or, if you have a septic tank on your property, into the tank itself.  Once there, it will create huge problems for you, ultimately resulting in raw sewage backing up into your restaurant, which is a Category 5 disaster no matter how you slice it.

Worst of all, if you’ve ever tried to clean out your grease trap yourself, you know what a nightmare job it can be.  Even the most committed Do It Yourselfers tend to want to outsource that particular job after having tried it once.  It’s no wonder then, that our Clifton VA grease tank cleaning service is one of our most popular service offerings!

We’re a family owned septic service company that’s been proudly serving the region for more than fifteen years, and you might say that dirty jobs are our specialty. If you’re desperate to outsource that particular duty, we’d love to show you how availing yourself of our Clifton VA grease tank cleaning service can help your business, give you peace of mind, and one less headache and hassle to have to wrestle with.

In addition to taking advantage of our Clifton VA grease tank cleaning service, that, if you’re not tied to the city’s sewage system and have a septic tank on your premises, we’d be happy to handle the periodic inspection of your septic system, any repairs you may need, and pump your septic tank out when you need that done as well.  Consider us to be your one stop shop where those types of dirty jobs are concerned!

If you’re looking for a trusted, respected partner to help your business run more smoothly, give our office a call today.  Since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve built our business and our reputation by exceeding the expectations of every client we work with, and we’d love to add you to our growing family!

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