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Common Fairfax, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Fairfax, VA, common septic tank problems can cause you frustration, lost time and expense. The good news is that most problems are preventable. The ones that we deal with most often here at Advantage Septic Service are clogs and tanks that are too full.

Most clogs can be avoided simply by watching what you put down your drains and toilets. We’ve found that many homeowners just don’t realize how carefully you need to monitor what goes into the septic tank.

In your kitchen, make sure you put a wire protector in your kitchen sink to trap food debris. Your septic system can’t deal with fruit and vegetable debris. The same is true of eggshells and coffee grounds. Never let grease, fats and oils go into your tank. They stop the helpful bacterial action within the septic tank and prevent it from working efficiently. These fats and oils also cause buildup in your home’s pipes.

The pros here at Advantage recommend that you not use a garbage disposal. It sends too much debris directly into the tank. Also be careful not to pour paint thinner and related materials, as well as any harsh chemicals down the drain.

In your bathroom, protect the sink with a hair trap. Hair is one of the biggest causes of clogs and can’t be broken down in the tank. The only things that should ever go down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Never put medications, disposable diapers or sanitary products into your toilet.

Experts say that the most common of all septic tank problems in Fairfax, VA, is a tank that is just too full. This is also the easiest to prevent. Arrange for scheduled clean out with Advantage. We will come out on a regular basis to pump your tank, keeping it clear and able to operate efficiently.

When your septic tank is over full, it causes problems throughout the system, like:

  • Slow running drains and toilets. All the drain products and devices you buy won’t work because the problem is with he septic tank.
  • Wastewater will cause bad smells in your yard. When the tank is full with sludge, the wastewater is pushed out into the soil.
  • Wastewater will contaminate your drain field. This is a sanitary nightmare and a major health hazard.
  • Your tank might crack when it gets too full.
  • You might end up with a sewer backup into your home. Not only is this disgusting and messy, it is also another health hazard. You can’t live in your home safely until the problem is completely cleared up.

Call Advantage Septic Service today for more information about common septic tank problems in Fairfax, VA, and how we can fix them.

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