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Common Gainesville, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Gainesville, VA, common septic tank problems include clogs, cracks and tanks that are too full to operate efficiently. It can get confusing when a homeowner is trying to figure out what is wrong when his plumbing isn’t working well. The team here at Advantage Septic Service is happy to answer your questions about tank problems and help you come up with an quick and affordable solution.

We have been helping homeowners just like you since 1997. Each member of our team is thoroughly trained and understands all aspects of the septic system. We handle it all, including pumping, installation, repair, replacement and maintenance.

The biggest problem, and the simplest to avoid, is a tank that is beyond its capacity. We recommend that homeowners set up scheduled pumping. For most tanks, this means annually, or every two or three years, depending on how many people are using the system.

Not sure your system needs to be pumped that often? Just consider what can happen if it gets too full:

  • Slow running drains
  • Bad odors caused by wastewater spilling into the drain field
  • Contaminated soil from leaking wastewater
  • Cracks in your tank because it is too full
  • Sewer backups into the house

Another problem is a leaking due to cracks in the tank. These have several causes. Don’t run cars and trucks over your drain field. It puts pressure on the soil, which can crack the tank buried beneath it. Don’t plant trees and shrubs on your drain field. The plant roots can grow into your septic tank, causing holes and cracks.

All tanks eventually show signs of wear and tear, which includes cracks. You can have a skilled technician from Advantage inspect your tank. He can catch small problems early, before they cause major trouble. It is also much less expensive to fix a small crack than it is to replace an entire tank.

Clogs are a worry in every plumbing system. The best way to avoid them is by being careful what you put into your septic system. The only things that should go down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Never put medication, sanitary products or paper towels down the toilet.

At your kitchen sink, protect your drain opening. Make sure produce peelings and other food prep materials don’t go down the drain. That includes eggshells and coffee grounds. Never put grease, fats and oils down the drain. Your septic system can’t handle paint thinners and other harsh chemicals. Don’t install a garbage disposal if you have a septic system.

When you’re getting your tank pumped, ask the Advantage technician for tips to keeping your tank in excellent running condition. We’re happy to suggest ways to prevent clogs and other problems.

Call Advantage Septic Service today to find out more about common septic tank problems in Gainesville, VA, and how we can fix them.

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