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Common Loudoun, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Loudoun, VA, common septic tank problems include leaks due to clogs because the wrong material went into the system, and a tank that is simply to full to operate efficiently.


The biggest problem that technicians here at Advantage Septic Service see far too often is a tank that is over full. The good news is that this is the simplest trouble to fix. All you need to do is schedule a pumping on a regular basis. For most homeowners, that means once a year. For some families every two or three years is suitable. It all depends on how many people are using the system.


You can save yourself a great deal of trouble and money by investing in regular clean outs. Many homeowners don’t realize the trouble that a full tank causes. Just look at what it does to your entire septic system:

  • Your drains and toilets will run slow. It doesn’t matter how many tools and products you use, none will speed up your drain because the source of the trouble is a tank that can’t handle any more waste.
  • Your drain field will stink. That’s because wastewater is pushed out of the full tank and into the soil, and it just doesn’t smell good!
  • Wastewater in your soil contaminates the ground and creates a health hazard. You might even have to relocate your system.
  • A tank that is beyond its capacity can crack. That releases even more wastewater into the soil. It also slows down your entire plumbing system.
  • You might end up with a sewer backup into your home’s sinks, toilets and tubs. This creates an unsanitary mess. It is unsafe to live in the house until the problem is fixed.


By scheduling a tank pumping on a regular basis, you can avoid all this, one of the most common septic tank problems in Loudoun, VA. The experts at Advantage can’t recommend it enough.


Clogs make your entire pipe system inefficient. You can avoid most septic system clogs just by watching what you put down the toilet and the drain. The only things that should every go down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Never put medications, disposable diapers, sanitary products or paper towels down your toilet.


In your kitchen, protect the drain in your kitchen sink. Make sure peelings from vegetables and fruit don’t wash down the drain. Avoid putting foods like coffee grounds and eggshells into the drain. Never put fats, oils or grease into the system. If you have a septic system, the pros at Advantage strongly suggest that you do not use a garbage disposal.


Call Advantage Septic Service today to find out more about the most common septic tank problems in Loudoun, VA, and how we can fix them.

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