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Common Manassas, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Manassas, VA, common septic tank problems include a tank that isn’t cleaned out often enough and clogs caused by the wrong material going down the drain. Both situations are preventable, which is good news to you as a homeowner.

Here at Advantage Septic Service, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get your tank cleaned out on a regular basis. For most property owners, that means every year. In some cases, it could be every two or three years, depending on how many people live at the house. The critical point is to get the job done consistently.

When you let the tank get too full, it can’t cope. It is no longer able to break down the matter that comes into the tank. This causes trouble throughout your plumbing and septic system, including:

  • Your drainage field will stink. The wastewater gets pushed out of a tank that is too full of sludge. Wastewater is a mix of black water from toilets and gray water from tubs, appliances and sinks. Your backyard will smell of effluent instead of jasmine and gardenia.
  • Your soil will become contaminated. The wastewater that leaks into your soil contains contaminants. This causes a health hazard in your yard. If it isn’t fixed quickly, you might end having to move your entire septic system.
  • Your drains will run slowly. It won’t matter how many products you buy at the grocery store and how many devices you use. The problem is in the septic tank, which needs to be emptied. Until you fix that, your drains will be slow.
  • Your tank might crack. When sludge takes over all the space in your tank, the results are cracks and leaks. Fixing the cracks or replacing the tank can get really expensive.
  • Sewage might back up into your home. When it can’t get into your tank, it goes back the other way, right into your house. This causes an unsanitary, smelly health hazard. You’ll need to fix the problem and clean up the mess before your family can move back into the house.

The second of all most common septic tank problems in Manassas, VA, are clogs. The pros here at Advantage deal with clogs daily. We recommend that you be hyper-careful about what you put down your drains and your toilet. This is the best way to prevent most clogs.

In the kitchen, make sure fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, oils, grease and fats don’t get down the drain. Never put harsh chemicals and things like paint thinner down your sink. In the bathroom, the only things that should ever go down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper.

Call Advantage Septic Service today to find out more about common septic tank problems in Manassas, VA, and how we can fix them.

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