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Dangers Associated with A Warrenton, VA Septic Tank Collapse

One of the life-threatening problems people who own a septic system at their home face is a septic tank collapse. Not only does it leave your yard stinky and wet, but it can also create an emergency if someone falls into it. Unfortunately, septic tank collapses occur without any prior warnings, and there is no way you can see it coming by looking at the tank from above.

However, often the hole formed in the ground after a septic tank collapse is huge enough for a person to fall into it. This is why septic tank collapses are considered dangerous and life-threatening. What if someone from your family or the neighborhood falls into it? If such an unfortunate incident happens, you need to act quickly and call for help as soon as possible. Otherwise, the person who has met with the accident may die inhaling toxic gases present in your septic system.

What Causes a Warrenton, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

Most of the time, you won’t know what caused a septic tank to collapse immediately after the incident. However, if you carefully inspect the site of the accident for some time, you may find more than one possible reason for the collapse. One of the first things that give you a warning sign will be the age of the septic tank itself. This is because as septic tanks get older, they become more prone to damage.

This is especially true for septic tanks, which are built using materials that are susceptible to corrosion. Even concrete septic tanks can collapse if they’re too old, and the mortar holding the bricks gives way. So, irrespective of the material used to build them, an old septic tank should be inspected by a professional septic tank service provider such as Advantage Septic Service.

As a leading septic tank service provider in the locality, we have also noted that septic tanks that remain empty are more prone to collapse. This is because of the absence of water in it that would have otherwise stabilized the pressure of the surrounding soil. The same applies to septic tanks that are disconnected or abandoned improperly. In these cases, high hydrostatic pressure may form in the surrounding ground of the septic tank leading to ultimate collapse.

If you are still thinking about what causes a Warrenton, VA septic tank to collapse, here are some more reasons for an unexpected septic tank collapse. For example, a septic tank can collapse the wastewater distribution along the sides of the septic tank is done unevenly. Yet another cause for unexpected septic tank collapse is driving heavy vehicles and using heavy equipment over your septic tank system.

In case you come across a septic tank collapse in your yard, don’t panic. Remember, we are just a call away.

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