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Fairfax Va Grease Tank Cleaning

If you’re like most restaurant owners, your business is probably a labor of love, but also, there’s probably at least one aspect of running the business that sends a shiver of fear down your spine:  Dealing with your grease trap.

If you’ve ever tried to clean it out yourself, you know what a nightmare it can be.  Even if you’re decked out in a face mask, long rubber gloves and clothes you don’t care a thing in the world about, it’s still a brutal, disgusting job.

Most people would just as soon outsource the duty to someone else, especially having had the misfortune of being covered in grime after attempting to clean the trap themselves, which goes a long way toward explaining why our Fairfax VA grease tank cleaning service is in such demand.  It’s one of those dirty jobs most people would rather not do.

We totally understand which is why we’re so proud to offer the service!  We’re a locally owned and operated business and we’ve been proudly taking on dirty jobs like that for our customers so they don’t have to.  We’d love to add you to our growing family of satisfied customers.

The lowly grease trap may not be very glamorous but it does have an important role to play in your business.  It keeps the grease from your kitchen from escaping into the city’s sewage system where it could cause tremendous damage.

If you have a septic system for your business, then the grease trap will keep the grease from leeching into your septic tank and causing problems for you, but that’s only true if the trap is kept clean at regular intervals.

That is perhaps the worst part about the trap.  In order to function efficiently, it has to be cleaned every four to six weeks, so there’s no relief from it.  Again though, we’ve got you covered via our Fairfax VA grease tank cleaning service.

We’ll take pains to ensure that you love the job we do for you, and assuming you do, we’ll be happy to put you on a schedule so it’s just something you never have to worry about again.

That gives you tremendous peace of mind, and one less thing to worry about.  You’ll never again have to live in fear of forgetting about it and risking a backflow into your restaurant which can shut you down for days on end until the mess gets cleaned up.

In addition to our Fairfax VA grease tank cleaning service, we also handle septic system inspections, repairs and tank pump outs, so if your restaurant is on a septic system, we’ll be happy to attend to that dirty job for you too!  Give our office a call today.  You’ll be very glad you did!

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