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Fauquier County Va Grease Tank Cleaning

Ask a restaurant owner about their least favorite aspect of the business and many, if not most will tell you with a shudder that it’s cleaning out the grease trap.  It’s not hard to see why, especially if you’ve ever tried to do it on your own.

It’s beyond disgusting, and worse, it’s something that needs to be done every four to six weeks, lest you risk a system backup which will flood your spotless kitchen with sludge, forcing you to have to close your doors for several days while you deal with a mess and a genuine health hazard.

Usually, one time trying to do it solo is all it takes for most owners to get very interested in outsourcing that particular job.  We totally understand, and that sentiment goes a long way in explaining why our Fauquier County VA grease tank cleaning service is always in such high demand.

We’re a locally owned and operated company that’s been proudly serving the area for more than fifteen years.  We’ve built our reputation around providing fast professional service in handling those dirty jobs that nobody else wants to do, including septic tank pump outs and of course, Fauquier County VA grease tank cleaning.

If you’re not sure why you need your grease trap in the first place, the answer is this:  The trap keeps the grease from your kitchen from escaping into the city’s sewage system, or into your septic tank, if you have one.

That matters because if grease gets into either system, it will cause you no end of headaches and hassles, and can easily cause raw sewage to start backing up in your restaurant which is every business owner’s worst nightmare.

Fortunately, it never has to come to that.  We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your work, and if you like the results the first time you make use of our Fauquier County VA grease tank cleaning service, we can put you on a schedule that ensures it stays clean and in good working order so you don’t have to worry about a backflow.

In addition to using our service, there are two simple things you can do to help minimize your risks where the trap is concerned.

First, be sure never to allow hot water to flow through the trap.  If you do, it will dissolve the grease inside, allowing it to escape.  Second, steer clear of using commercial products designed to dissolve grease.

Many business owners see this as a viable alternative to having someone clean the trap manually, but it’s never a good idea, because it creates more problems than it solves, as we outlined above.

In any case, where your grease trap is concerned, don’t struggle with it alone.  Give us a call and we’ll get you taken care of.

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