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Gainesville VA Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Are you in need of Gainesville VA restaurant grease trap cleaning services?  If so, there’s just one company to call: Advantage!  We’re a locally owned and operated company, proudly serving the region since 1977, and since we first opened our doors, we’ve made it our business to exceed the expectations of every customer we serve.

Grease traps are nasty business.  Few business owners want to deal with the mess and frustration, and it’s not hard to see why.  Even so, those traps need to be cleaned out every four to six weeks to keep them functioning properly.  If they’re not, the system could back up, and that will shut your business down for several days until the problem is resolved.

When you contract with us to perform Gainesville VA restaurant grease trap cleaning services, here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll completely drain your tank of grease and wastes (this applies to both internal and external grease traps)
  • Thoroughly inspect and clean the tank and all baffles
  • Perform a system test once the cleaning has been completed, in order to ensure that wastes and water are flowing properly through the system
  • And properly dispose of all the material pumped from the tank

While Gainesville VA restaurant grease trap cleaning services are critical to the success of your business, proper training of all employees is of at least equal importance.  In particular, make sure your employees know not to do any of the following where your grease trap is concerned:

  • Don’t ever pour boiling water into the trap. Boiling water will dissolve the grease inside the trap, allowing it to flow into your septic system, or into the municipal sewage system you’re connected to.
  • For similar reasons, don’t connect a dishwasher to the grease trap. The runoff from it is hot enough to do exactly what boiling water does.
  • Also don’t connect a garbage disposal to the grease trap

In addition to those things, be sure your employees know not to pour drain cleaners, chemicals, bleach or any kind of additive, enzyme, or biological agent into the trap.  There are some commercially available agents that claim to help maintain the trap, but these will either dissolve the grease (much like hot water) or kill the helpful bacteria in the system, creating more problems than they solve.

The combination of good employee education and regular maintenance are the keys to keeping your grease trap in good working order.  If you can handle the education part, we can handle the maintenance of the grease trap itself.

If you’re not sure how long its been since your grease trap had some attention, it’s probably long overdue.  Ideally, it should be cleaned out every four to six weeks.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll get you taken care of!

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