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How Often Do You Have To Pump Out Your Leesburg VA Septic Tank

Whenever you buy a home, you know that there are certain things you must do to maintain it. You will need to mow the lawn and trim the bushes occasionally. You may need to apply a fresh coat of paint from time to time to maintain the aesthetic appeal. You may also invest in some landscaping so that you have a usable, functional outdoor space. But do you know that you also have to take care of your septic system? Know when to inspect and have your Leesburg VA Septic Tank pump out as part of the routine maintenance. Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions we come across.
How Often Do I Need To Pump Out My Septic Tank?
The frequency with which you have to pump out a septic tank will depend on how much wastewater you generate. The experts recommend that you call in an expert every three years to carry out a routine inspection. Pump out the septic tank every five years.
What Factors Determine How Long I Can Stay Without Pumping Out My Septic Tank?
Several factors will determine how long you can take between each pump-out session. Your contractor will be able to advise accordingly once they inspect your system. The number of people in your house will determine how much water and human waste to generate. The size of your tank will also establish how quickly it fills up. What you flush down the toilet or pour down the sink will also have a huge impact. Get proper disposal for things such as chemicals, paints, sanitary towels, wet wipes, among others. They should not find their way into your drainage system under any condition.
What Will Happen If I Do Not Pump Out My Septic Tank?
Overloading your septic tank will lead to septic system failure. The contents of the septic tank will start leaking into the surrounding soil, thus contaminating it. Some of it may find its way into well water, which will have an impact on your health if you consume it. You will lose the functionality of your outdoor space, because of bad smells and standing pools of waters. You will also not be able to flush the toilet due to back up, and your sinks will not drain properly.
Can I Handle The Pump Out On My Own?
We would not advise you to handle the pump out on your own if you do not have the relevant expertise. You require special equipment and tools to do the job mainly because of handling and disposing of the waste.
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