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Leesburg VA Grease Trap Maintenance

Advantage is Leesburg VA’s top-rated grease trap maintenance and service company.  We’re family owned and operated and have been proudly serving the region since 1977.

If you’re a restaurant owner, then you know how important the humble grease trap is to the success of your business.  You probably also know what a nightmare they can be to clean.  Worse, they’ve got to have fairly regular cleanings (at four to six-week intervals), or you run the risk of having the system back up on you.  If that happens, it can force you to shut your doors for several days until the problem is dealt with.  Not good.

Given the mess and headache, it’s no wonder that most restaurant owners decide to outsource the job.  If that’s what you want to do too, just call Leesburg VA’s #1 grease trap maintenance and service company.  When we come to your site, we will:

  • Completely drain the tank of grease and other wastes
  • Give the tank and all baffles a thorough inspection and cleaning
  • Once the cleaning is complete, test the system to make sure that all water and waste is flowing properly into it
  • And properly dispose of all waste material pumped from the tank

As important as that is to Leesburg VA grease trap maintenance, there’s another, equally important dimension to consider, and that is employee training.  We’re happy to come perform the tank clean out for you, but unless your employees are properly trained, you’ll find that you need our services more often than you should.  Here are a few important tips to be sure all your employees are aware of:

  • Don’t pour boiling water down the grease trap. Doing so will dissolve the grease in the trap, causing it to exit the system, flowing into your septic tank or the municipal sewage system
  • For the same reason, be sure not to connect a dishwasher to your grease trap.
  • Don’t connect any sink with a garbage disposal unit to it.
  • Finally, and most important of all, be sure all employees are aware not to pour bleach, drain cleaners, additives or other chemicals into the trap. Not only will these things harm beneficial bacteria making their home in the trap, but they could also pose a serious environmental hazard.

If you can cover the education portion, we’ll handle the rest, and taken together, those two things will ensure that your grease trap does the job it’s supposed to, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Grease trap clean outs can be messy, nerve wracking affairs if you try to go it alone.  The good news is, you don’t have to.  Give us a call today and mark that off your to do list.  We’ll be there when you need us.

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