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Leesburg VA Septic System Alarm

Leesburg VA septic system alarms are designed to prevent sewage spills and damage to commercial and residential septic systems. They sound off when a float control switch rises to a pre-determined level that indicates the septic tank is nearing full and the wastewater inside needs to be removed. The idea with this set-up is to give the property owner or manager time to turn off the alarm, examine the system for possible problems and then call for a tank truck to remove the waste or schedule another servicing operation before the situation worsens.


As an owner or manager, you need to be ready when that alarm sounds. Here are a few things to accomplish not just to keep your septic system safe, but also to prevent your Leesburg VA septic system alarm from sounding off in the first place.


The alarm is designed to be loud and attract much attention, so turn it off as soon as you can. It does not help to shout over the alarm, and your neighbors appreciate the courtesy. There is always the chance that someone may think it is a burglar alarm and call law enforcement.


That is the last thing you need as you try to determine what happened. In most cases, the tank has simply filled quicker than expected. There is also the possibility that a foreign object flushed into the septic tank damaged the float. Remember to never flush anything except for human waste and toilet paper. A false alarm is very rare, so take it seriously.


If you cannot find a problem, that means the cause is underground, and you need to call a company like Advantage to examine your Leesburg VA septic system alarm, the tank, and the pipes. In a situation like this one, there is a leak letting water or something else into the tank. It usually happens where one of the pipes connects to the septic tank. If it occurs shortly after an inspection or waste removal, the culprit might be an improperly secured access hatch. The source of the leak usually turns out to be excess rain that has not drained away. In a few cases, we have found a broken water line nearby that is the problem.


The best plan, however, is to keep your Leesburg VA septic system alarm from sounding off in the first place. You can do that by not ignoring septic tank. Know the size of your tank and determine its perimeter. Walk around the tank and follow the pipes into and out of it at least once a month. Doing this keeps you familiar with how the surface looks normally. If you see a change in the ground or start to notice a smell, call an inspector immediately.


With more than thirty years in business, Advantage Septic Service can design a septic system and maintenance plan perfect for you. To learn more about Leesburg VA septic system alarms and if installing a septic system is right for your home or business, call us today at (703) 392-7070.

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